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I've Found a New Favourite Hotel Chain: Moxy Hotels

Trendy hotel

It's official... I've found a new favourite hotel chain! MOXY HOTELS!

I was instantly drawn to the vibe of the Moxy brand. Part of the Marriott 'Select' range of hotels, I remember it being described as, 'a fun, vibrant and stylish hotel, buzzing with positive energy and a cheeky smile on it's face', and knew I had to check one out. I'm all for living it up in a 5 star, but sometimes, especially for a girls night away, I'm happy with something more midscale, but on one condition... it's gotta be pretty! 

trendy hotel lobby

So when we arrived at the Moxy Hotel in Chester for a recent weekend away with the girls, I was eager to find out if it lived up to what I'd seen and heard.

We walked in to a big open plan area, with a communal lobby / social area on one side, and a self service buffet breakfast area on the other (the shutters were down at this point, with it being the afternoon, but there were 'grab and go' fridges with snacks available.) Central to those was the bar, Bar Moxy to call it by it's proper name, where you'll find the 'Crew' to check you in. There's a complimentary cocktail (or mocktail if you prefer) on arrival. Always a great start! And the staff were super friendly, really approachable and down to earth. They've got a good balance between polite and professional, while chatting to you like you're best mates. I'm here for that! Nobody has time for stuck up Karen on reception who doesn't even look up from the computer to give you eye contact while she's checking you in and sliding the room key across the desk to you. We've all experienced that, right? Shoutout to Lucy at Moxy Chester, she was really lovely and helpful throughout our whole stay.

Stylish, quirky interior

I just LOVED the whole vibe. Think neon signs, quirky cushions, lots of pink, inflatables, a video wall featuring Insta pics from Moxy's around the world, giant teddy bears, magnetic letters, random horse and soldier toys hanging from the ceiling, chalkboards, low hanging lights, cute messages, trendy artwork... it's an Insta Influencer's paradise. 

They've got the whole fun, social hang out vibe going on, with long tables, board games, great music and lots of seating, while upstairs was home to the 'Library', a quieter, more relaxing area with comfy sofas, spaces to meet, work, and chill, with a retro football table and pool table too.

social areas to hang out

Sticking with the communal theme, Moxy also have a communal ironing room. So, no need to take the travel iron, or try to get the creases out of your favourite jeans with your hair straighteners (don't try this at home kids!) as there's a fully functioning ironing room... on each floor I might add, complete with Moxy's Guide to Not F**k Up Your Clothes on the wall, along with a half naked man...

On the wall, not in the room ironing your clothes... unfortunately!

We headed up to our rooms in the lift, (which had quirky messages written on the mirrors). They describe their rooms as 'compact yet functional, with smart use of space', with a small pull down desk, a quirky peg wall, with a little space for hanging up clothes. It was super clean, the bathroom was lovely too. The beds have sensor lights underneath, although the lights in our friends room had a bit of a mind of their own and kept turning on and off during the night, and unfortunately there are no phones in the room to call down to reception. A big plus though, was the huge 55 inch LED TV with Google Chromecast which allowed us to play our music through the TV while getting ready, and watch old Backstreet Boys video clips on YouTube before bed (you don't have to understand, ha!). I don't know about you but sometimes a hotel really lets itself down with it's lack of TV channels, but the Moxy have got this covered, and their tech game is strong, also ensuring we have tons of USB ports and space to charge our devices. 

Breakfast in the morning was great, lots of hot and cold food available, loads of juices and hot drinks. There was plenty of choice, including vegan and diary free options. You can't beat a good hotel buffet breakfast, can you? And there was no complaints here. We even grabbed a few pastries for the journey home. 

Overall, we LOVED our first stay at a Moxy Hotel, and we've since been making a list of all the others we want to visit. Call it a Moxy Tour! We can't wait to visit another Moxy sometime soon, and we definitely recommend you to check one out too!

Head over to my Instagram & TikTok to see more of our visit to Moxy Hotel, Chester. 

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  1. It sounds like you had a great time staying at this hotel. I wasn't aware of the chain but am tempted to see if there is one near enough for me to have a girls weekend. I like that the staff were friendly as that makes a difference to your stay.

  2. I've never heard of this hotel brand before, but it does sound appealing

  3. This awesome, the interior design look nice. And I like how it organized. Hope you enjoyed your stay there!

  4. It looks like such a modern place to stay, the designs look awesome! I hope you had a great time. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    Lauren - bournemouthgirl

  5. I've seen Moxy mentioned in quite a few places but I've never stayed in one. But I do think I need to look into them as they seem fun and modern x

  6. I've not heard of Moxy hotels yet but will be sure to check them out on my next travels. Sounds like they offer great amenities.

  7. It sounds like you had an amazing time! I hadn't heard of Moxy before but it looks absolutely amazing, I love the design and that TV sounds amazing haha! I love that it's got a good buffet too. Thank you so much for sharing x

  8. Ohh it sounds great! esp that you could play music through the TV!

    Corinne x

  9. Moxy Hotel looks fabulous and glad it is in Chester as we are headed there over the summer break so will book us in there for the weekend stay


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