Sunday 21 March 2021

Easy Magnetic Lashes with Lola's Lashes

I've spent many years trialing out ALLLLL THA mascaras, lash serums, lotions, and potions to give me longer, more voluptuous lashes. Everyone wants longer lashes right? I love the look that false lashes give, and finally managed to get the hang of applying them a couple of years ago, so when magnetic lashes came on to the market, I was intrigued to give them a try. 

Selection of false lashes from Lola's Lashes

Lola's Lashes are, in their words, the home of FUSS FREE FALSIES.

They promise to have THE best magnetic eyeliner on the market, and unlike other brands, do not water down their eyeliner or shed no expense in their manufacturing process. Testing their unique formula against competitors time and time again, their eyeliner lasts an average of 6 hours longer than other competitors on the market, standing up much better in high winds and rain. 

Their specially designed lashes include 5 magnets, and their liner a unique magnetic formula that work perfectly together giving them full confidence that they are superior to their competition in both safety and performance. 

All of their products are manufactured in a cruelty-free environment and made from premium Korean synthetic silk, they never use mink or any other animal fur and their products are suitable for vegans. 

I've tried Lola's Lashes before, so when they contacted me again to try out some of their new 90's inspired Throwback Collection, I was more than happy to oblige. The Throwback Collection features 5 Limited Edition styles in both magnetic and strip lashes.

90's inspired False Lashes

Daisy Chain; an everyday lash for your inner girl next door.
Love Letter; a subtle fox eye look. 
Kiss & Tell; a super glam lash with bold length and volume.  
Be Witchin; a full and thick cateye lash.  
Sundae; a head-turning lash with varying lengths and full volume.

All feature their new Un-Real Lash Technology, for the most mink-like vegan lash effect out there, except Kiss & Tell which is made from synthetic silk. 

Application is super easy, simply apply the magnetic liner and let it dry completely, then apply the lashes starting with the inner corners, pressing on the lash line securing the magnets in place. The kits come with Magnetic Eyeliner Cleansing Oil for easy removal of the eyeliner. Full application and removal instructions are on the website.

They really have thought of everything, even recommending which style is suited to which eye shape and telling you everything you need to know about each style, including the band width and lash length, head over to the website and see which one gives you 90's vibes!!

Are you a fan of Magnetic Lashes? 




Wednesday 10 March 2021

Falling in Love with Skincare All Over Again

I'm heading towards 40 and quite frankly I need to get my sh*t together when it comes to my skin. 

I've always been a big fan of skincare. I've been writing this blog for over 10 years now and have shared tons of beauty and skincare stuff. (Remember #TheSkinProject I did back in 2013? Oh, how things have changed when it comes to skincare nowadays! And it makes me cringe to look back on what I used to use on my face over the years!

Skincare book on a dressing table, surrounded by skincare products

I didn't really start looking after my skin until I was about 27. Before then I was happily using makeup wipes to 'remove' my makeup and then slap on the odd moisturiser every now and then, with no idea what or why I was putting anything on my skin. I also spent a lot of my early 20's sleeping in my makeup!! 

I attempted to make up for it though by really getting into my skincare, and I soon fell in love with it; learning about it and trying new products. I even started a beauty therapy course a few years ago, but then I got involved in a project that pretty much took over my life and I quit the course, and over time, my skincare routine started slipping too. All my time and energy went into this project and unfortunately, my self-care suffered in the meantime. I got really lazy, and would often just wipe my face with micellar water before bed and be done with it. 

I knew enough about skincare to know this wasn't great, at all, but I'd often stay up working until super late that it was all I had the energy for. 

Woman in late 30's examining skincare from a glass dropper

Just recently, I realised I really need to start taking more care of myself. My body has changed, my metabolism has pretty much given up on me after having my back for all these years, haha, and my skin is showing more signs of ageing. Getting older sucks.

So I started looking into, and learning more about skincare again. 
I got my books out and started to re-read them, I ordered more books. I started following my favourite skincare gurus and doctors again, researched products, and bought more products than I care to admit. (Cult Beauty needs some sort of alternative to a parental control lock, I've placed 2 orders in a week, it's becoming a problem, haha

I've fallen in love with skincare all over again. 

Aesthetically pleasing image of skincare books, products with a collagen beauty drink

Skincare has really evolved over the years and I'm really enjoying looking into all the products I'm using, learning about the ingredients, the benefits, and what is right for my skin, rather than listening to the hype that often surrounds beauty products. 

Gone are the days of 'Cleanse, tone, moisturise and be on your merry way...' and the days where I'd treat my face to a good scrub with an exfoliator are no more, fortunately. I genuinely used to think this was the best part of my routine years ago, the scrubbier the better!  I thought if it left my skin red, it was working, bye bye dead skin cells! *insert head in hands emoji here, haha* Then I'd usually follow with a good, usually alcohol-based, toner with absolutely no idea what it was for, it was just what we were told to do right? Oh my skin! 

I have a whole new skincare routine that I've been using for a few short weeks now and can already see the difference in my skin already. Softer, cleaner... I'd go as far as saying I've got a bit of a glow! I've finally introduced retinol into my routine (better late than never!) too. My skin is starting to look a lot healthier so I thought I'd jump on here and share my journey with you guys, everything from my routine, my favourite products, and also what I'm learning about skincare along the way.

What is your skincare routine like? 
Is it something you need to work on? 
Any holy grail products you use that you couldn't be without?


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