Tuesday, 28 April 2020

5 Places I Want to Travel to After Lockdown

I don't know about you but I've been spending a lot of time looking at images of all the places I cannot travel to right now. I mean, granted, working in travel means I'm constantly looking at all the beautiful places around the world, it's my job (lucky me!!) but I'm finding myself looking at calm, relaxing images of Santorini sunsets, the crystal blue infinity pool of a villa in the Maldives, the beautiful mountains of Switzerland, a bubbling hot tub nestled in the Devon Cliffs, a deserted white sand beach in Bali... you name it, if it's pretty and quiet, I've probably daydreamed about it. 

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I think it's a form of therapy, and I sense a theme, that right now I'm desperate to be relaxing, de-stressing, listening to only the sounds of crashing waves rather than my kids whinging or screaming, which is what I spend at least 80% of my day listening to, currently. 

Tell me you relate?

But seriously, whilst we know that right now unless we're out there working on the front line or other essential work (for which we are all hugely grateful for, you're doing an incredible job - THANK YOU!) it's SO important for us to just STAY HOME, yet we're all dreaming of getting away, somewhere, anywhere further than our front gates right now aren't we? Many of us have had and will continue to have, holidays cancelled and rescheduled, and we're all looking forward to the day we can get travelling again. 

So, to help me get by, I've been thinking, of 

5 Places I Want to Travel to After Lockdown...


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This beautiful island in the South of England is very special to me. It was almost my second home growing up. Some of my earliest, most favourite memories as a child were spent here. We have a family holiday booked here in the Summer. Who knows if we'll still get to go, but until then, I'm making lists of all my favourite places to visit with my children, when we do. 


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I've been spending some of my downtime doing some hotel brand training and have recently become a Luxury Brand specialist for Marriott hotels. I fell in love with a particular hotel in Barcelona and have been dreaming of a girls' weekend here ever since. I've never been before, but the idea of having both the city and the beach at arms reach really appeals to me.


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My youngest son has yet to go overseas. He's yet to feel the excitement of being in the skies, the feeling when you step off the plane into a hot country. He has yet to catch the travel bug that his big brother and I have. But now he has reached an age where I think he'd enjoy it, (...and I'd cope with him on a plane! haha) I'm desperate to take him away, even just somewhere like Spain or Majorca. Obviously, it won't be for a while yet, but I've already been looking at deals in my agent portal for next year!! As an Independent Travel Agent, I'm fortunate to have access to fantastic deals and personal discounts, which I'm definitely going to be making use of as soon as we possibly can! 


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CREDIT: Accor Novotel Canary Wharf - London

I adore London. It's an incredible city and full of amazing memories for me. I get the same overwhelming excited feeling arriving in London as I did many years ago. An evening away with the girls, in a lovely hotel with a rooftop bar, sipping cocktails and catching up would be perfect right about now. I cannot wait to do this! Get ready, girls! 


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I think my kids would disown me if I hadn't put this one in! My boys have been enjoying trips to Butlins since they were both babies. They both absolutely love it. (And Mummy is partial to an Adult's Music Weekend here too! ;) ) It's just jam-packed full of family fun and entertainment and there is so much for them to do and enjoy. We were last here at Christmas and had the BEST time! My youngest genuinely believes the Skyline Gang are his best mates and we cannot wait to go back and visit when we can. 

Which one to do first? 

But what about you? Are you dreaming of travel as much as me? Are you making bucket lists? 

Where do you want to travel to after lockdown?

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