Sunday, 17 February 2019

Mama, you need a Mum-cation!

'Psychologists suggest Mothers should take breaks...' *come on ladies, let's get packing!!*
I don't need telling twice ;)

No, seriously though, experts say that Mums need to be taking regular breaks and getting the rest they need to continue to be the best Mama they can be. A Mum-cation can benefit the whole family; Mum gets a well-deserved rest from the stresses of Mum life, the kids learn about balance and they get a happier, more refreshed, well-rested Wonder Mum back after a few days.

Us Mums need time to remember who we are too. 

mum-cation, mum break, mental health, family life

I've often debated writing 'Mum' or 'Mummy' on a form when it asks for my name, as I'm pretty sure I answer to that much more than I do 'Lianne'.
*insert rolling eye & sarcastic look emojis here*  
It's so easy to forget that as well as being someone's Mum, you're also YOU; you with a career, with goals and dreams and interests of your own. It's important to have some you time, away from the kids, to fulfil these things.

Lack of sleep, balancing work with the daily grind of cooking, cleaning, refereeing and keeping the kids alive (...just me?) is hard work. And let's not go into the financial stresses, time stresses and general challenges of growing humans.

mum-cation, mum break, mental health, family life

Whether you're a Mum of one, or you have numerous offspring, a working Mum or stay at home, partnered up or single... it can be stressful and overwhelming. Mental Health expert Dr Nava Stilton prescribes regular Mum-cations to refresh and rejuvenate. American psychologist says unplugging from Motherhood will help us be better Mums, and the kids reap the benefits of a more relaxed, present parent after a little break.

I've been a Mum for almost 16 years now, and I can verify that it's so true. I've tried to have short breaks away every year since becoming a Mum, so I didn't lose myself, so I could be ME. As well as a family break, I try to book something for me, even if it's just a night away somewhere with friends.

It's especially important for me nowadays. I'm a single Mum of 2 boys; they can be quite challenging.
Nobody gives you a handbook for teenage boys do they?
I'm running two businesses and a house with bills on my own with next to no support network. So my Mum-cations are pretty important to me. I love my kids, more than anything in the entire world, but there are times, for my own mental health, I have to put me first.

Five years ago I went on a volunteering trip to Cape Town in South Africa.
It was the longest I'd ever been away from my youngest, but it was such a life-changing trip and my kids got so much out of it, learning about where I was going, what I was going to be doing and we'd talk about how different life was for the children out there.

mum-cation, mum break, mental health, family life

Last year I've treated myself to 2!
I was turning 35, so booked a long weekend on an adult music break at Butlins with some girlfriends. And I threw in a cheeky little Backstreet Boys tour last June, travelling to Manchester, Birmingham, Prague AND Warsaw. It was incredible. And SO well needed to just spend time being ME, not just Mummy.

And do I have Mum guilt? NO. Not at all. I do a lot with my boys, everything I do is for my boys and life is busy. And I know they're well looked after and having lots of adventures of their own. Do I miss them? Of course! But I deserve these breaks and they definitely get a happier, stress-free, rejuvenated, more patient Mama on return.
So, win-win. 

And well, Dr Stilton says so. 

mum-cation, mum break, mental health, family life

So Mama, grab your besties;  head off on a road trip, a night out on the town, a few days in a relaxing spa, head for some sunshine or a full on party weekend, whatever it may be... go recharge those batteries, refill that cup and remember who you are other than a bloody good Mum!

mum-cation, mum break, mental health, family life

Have you taken some time out lately?

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