Sunday, 26 August 2018

A Letter to You on Your 4th Birthday

4th birthday, birthday boy, son, family

Dear Taylor,

Today you turned 4.

Many people are shocked that you're 4 already, whilst others can't quite believe you're only 4 as we can't remember life without you... plus you like to think and act like you're a lot older than you are! ;) 

Today was a crazy busy day, but hearing you repeatedly shout, 'This is the BEST birthday EVER!' and tell me that you 'wish every day could be like today' before you closed your eyes to sleep tonight, makes my heart burst with happiness and I'm glad I did you proud today. You deserve it.

You fell asleep straight away, you were exhausted. As am I! 

I stayed with you until you fell asleep, then got into my PJs, took off my makeup and got the laptop out to work, the same routine every evening knowing that when I wake up tomorrow, you'll be there next to me after climbing into my bed during the night, as you do every night without fail. But I wouldn't change it for the world...  this is our life.

So, your 4th year... 

You started school part-time, and you absolutely love it. I was so proud of how you adapted to your new adventure. You've made lots of new friends and you've learnt so much! 
You've definitely come into your own this year. You've gained a little attitude, probably compliments of your teenage brother. And you challenge me every single day. 
Strong willed, shall we say. I hope you don't lose that; that focus, that drive, that 'knowing what you want'. I mean, I don't appreciate the attitude, the lack of patience and respect, but we'll continue to work on that! ;)

4th birthday, birthday boy, son, family

I'm proud of how far you've come this year. 

I was so so sad for you when your Daddy and I split up. But now I realise what's best for you, for all of us and I hope you'll be proud of me one day for the life I'm working hard to provide for you and your big brother and the way I'm striving to bring you both up.

I love when you tell me what you're grateful for in the mornings. I hope you grow up practising gratitude and realising how lucky you are for everything you have. 

I love how proud you are of yourself when you learn something new or get something right you've been working on. Seeing you learn to write your name and read new words at 3 years old was amazing. I'm so proud of you, baby. I hope you continue to enjoy learning and feel proud of yourself when you succeed at something new. 

I'm so glad you enjoyed your birthday.

The way your eyes lit up when you walked in the lounge and saw your presents made the 3 hours I was sat building that wooden kitchen until midnight last night all worth it ;) 
You loved your party and seeing all your school friends. I've loved playing with all your new toys with you. You love role play, using your imagination. You wanted a play kitchen, even a pushchair and a little boy baby (who you've named Zac after your favourite The Greatest Showman actor), watching you create your own scenarios and use your imagination to imitate real life play is beautiful.  

4th birthday, birthday boy, son, family

Next week you start full-time school. You're excited and I hope that continues. I can't wait to see you grow and learn this year. I hope it calms you down a little, as your behaviour has been 'challenging' lately. Getting back into a routine will help. We've had lots of fun this Summer and I'll miss you lots once you're in full-time school. But I'll make sure the time we do spend together will be full of fun and cuddles. You're growing so fast and I want to treasure every moment. 

I love you with every heartbeat, I'm so grateful for you! 

You make me the person I am, you help me grow and you teach me something new every single day. I will forever keep doing my best to make you proud, be the best Mummy I can possibly be and fulfil my aim of bringing you and your brother up to be decent young men that treat people with respect. You call me Wonder Woman, and that, my beautiful boy, is exactly what I'll strive to be.

Let's see what your 5th year brings...

I love you, Taylor. 
All the stars in the world. 

Love, Mummy xxx

4th birthday, birthday boy, son, family

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