Thursday, 3 August 2017

Violet Voss 'Holy Grail' Palette - My Thoughts

beauty, eyeshadow palette, Violet Voss Holy Grail

Back in February I asked for the Violet Voss Holy Grail eyeshadow palette for my birthday. I didn't get it. I didn't get anything. So of course I treated myself to it. I wasn't going to miss out, I needed this baby in my life!!

There had been a huge hype when it was first launched, I heard mixed reviews but it was still something I wanted to try myself. Full of warm toned, almost autumnal themed shades; all bronzes, browns and burgundies, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it!

I love the palette.

It's huge. The shadows themselves are a fantastic size. That's what originally drew me to this palette. You're definitely getting your moneys worth. All forty quid of it. 

beauty, eyeshadow palette, Violet Voss Holy Grail


This palette is the perfect travel friendly palette. If a huge, chunky palette fits in your case of course! ;) But the 20 eyeshadows are housed inside a hard cardboard case, with a magnetic fastening. All cosy and protected! haha. It has that shiny cardboard that unfortunately leaves messy fingerprints everywhere though, which is a bit of a pain.

The mirror is great though, a great size and an actual proper mirror too, none of that shiny silver card you can get in some palettes. 

beauty, eyeshadow palette, Violet Voss Holy Grail, swatches
beauty, eyeshadow palette, Violet Voss Holy Grail, swatches


There are a mixture of shimmers and mattes and all seem to have different formulas. I'll be completely honest, there are some that are absolutely gorgeous; buttery smooth, easy to blend and amazingly pigmented yet some are chalky, difficult to blend and have a lot of fall out. I'll admit, it's pot luck with these shadows. But the majority are gorgeous, I mean, look at those colours!

I'm not the best with eyeshadow, eye looks aren't my strong point, I definitely need more practice, but these colours are beautiful and easy to work with.

The shimmers are my favourites. They're creamy, beautiful colours and lovely to use. They're not so long lasting without a primer though. Whereas the mattes are extremely pigmented and budge proof, they actually stain my makeup brushes :/

beauty, eyeshadow palette, Violet Voss Holy Grail

Am I glad I purchased this palette?

I wish some shades were less chalky, but there are some gorgeous colours in here. I reach for it most days for just a wash of colour or a more dramatic look. I've taken it with me for weekends away and done some lovely looks on me and the bestie! 

If you fancy giving it a try, you can pick one up here.

What's your favourite palette right now?


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