Thursday 13 July 2017

What Your Fitness Routine is Missing

Working out isn’t always fun and it's often difficult to squeeze exercise in to your busy day. 

But there are ways to make it less painful and still get the results you’re striving to achieve.


Set yourself goals to aim for. Each workout is a chance to do better than the time before. Set goals that are challenging, but attainable with hard work. Document your goals to make them real in your mind. Put them on paper so you can see them and remind yourself each day why you’re doing it. Write down what it is you’re after. It’s amazing what you’ll conquer when you set your mind to it. For me, my goals are simply to make myself go to my twice weekly kickboxing HIIT classes!


Going to the gym once a month isn’t going to do much for you. You need to outline a schedule and stick to a routine. It’ll become easier as you go along because you’ll expect to be working out on particular days and times. Consistency will get you in shape. Your hard work will pay off if you’re repeatedly working towards a better body. Your schedule should be consistent, but make sure your workouts are always different. Mix in cardio and strength training. Don’t let your body get too comfortable with one move or routine. 


You need a way to pump yourself up each day. It’s not always going to be easy going to the gym or putting in a long run. Download a playlist that’s motivating and invigorating. 
There'll be days when you really aren't in the mood, this is exactly when you should blast some music to help to get you in the mood. You’ll be amazed at how much energy it brings to your workouts. Select specific songs for different types of exercises and, most of all, have fun with it. At my kickboxing classes, our instructor has the BEST playlists, she knows what we enjoy and what gets us moving. We often get into the rhythm of the music when we're doing our routines.

Waist Trainer 

Get a waist trainer for those days you can’t make it to the gym. A waist trainer is the perfect addition to your exercise routine. It works your stomach without you needing to do anything. You can’t always be at the gym and that’s when you need to come up with other solutions. It also sucks in your tummy so you look thinner in your clothes. Winning! They’re easy to use and deliver results. Everyone needs one in their wardrobe. 


Working out is tough and that’s the way it should be for you. Bring the intensity at every session. Stop slacking! ;) Give it your all when you’re exercising. The harder you work out the better you’ll sleep too. 


Monday 10 July 2017

Tips for packing Beauty Products in Hand Luggage

What do you do when life, or rather a man, screws you over?
You book a long weekend in Spain with your girlfriends. 

Yaaaas! I couldn't wait for some sunshine, relaxation and some... lemon Fanta. I'm easily pleased like that! ;) A long weekend at my friends Villa in Spain. It gave me something to look forward to which was well needed. Flights were booked, clothes were bought and I was ready to get packing. 
Now as we were only going Friday - Monday, we got hand luggage only flights. Of course, this is the quickest and easiest way to fly. I'd paid a little extra to reserve my seat and get in the priority queue so I knew I'd have space to put my case in the holds above my head. And knowing I had no luggage to have to wait for and I'd be on and off the flight in no time, was great. Especially as I'm someone that always manages to get stopped at security, to be searched, swabbed and whatever else. Seriously, I must look guilty or something. Every single time! Being pulled aside and searched is all part of the process for me. Even this trip alone, I was fully searched, shoes off and all on the way out. And on the way back I was swabbed, bags open, rifling through my stuff and everything. Then left me with a half opened case as they couldn't do it back up! Do they realise how long it took me to squeeze all that in! ;)

So I set out planning my outfits for the 4 days (basically seeing how much I could roll up and squeeze into my case...!) and then for the most difficult part, in my opinion, beauty products!

Now, this was something that bugged me for a while leading up to the trip. I hadn't flown hand luggage only before so the liquids allowance rule was a new experience for me. How on Earth was I going to whittle it down? What could I fit in? But after doing a bit of research and talking to a few friends that work in airports and cabin crew, I became a bit of an expert!

And I'm glad I did as even though my friends thought I was being OTT, I wanted to ensure I wasn't held up any longer than usual. 

So, here are my top tips for packing beauty products in hand luggage...

1. Liquids need to be stored in a 20x20 see through bag, with a zip lock fastening. 
I bought a Nivea Travel Set from Primark, with travel sized products inside and the bag was perfect 'hand luggage' size.

2. Buy travel sized products or small travel bottles to disperse your favourite products into.
I bought a pack of see through travel bottles, again from Primark, to put my beauty necessities into. 

3. Bottles must be no more than 100ml and the bag must include no more than 1 litre.
Remember they go on the size of the containers, even if there is the tiniest amount left in the container. So if you have a 100ml bottle of foundation, with only a small amount in the bottom, that's still classed as 100ml of your allowance, you're better off dispersing into a smaller 'sample size' tub.

4. Be aware of what products are actually liquids.
Sounds silly but it often causes some confusion. Ask yourself 'does it melt' or as security asked my friend, 'does it spread?' haha. Your mascaras, brow wax, lipsticks, lip balm... all liquids. In my liquids bag I packed a tinted moisturiser, Foundation and Day Cream in plastic sample pots, I dispersed my body cream into an old Nivea tub and then had my Lip Balm, Brow Wax, mascara, a small bottle of perfume, my favourite lipsticks, a travel sized shower cream and deodorant. 

5. If you're going with friends, share products amongst you.
Spread out the allowance between you, if you can. Share toothpaste, hair products, etc. so you're not all taking multiples of the same thing.

6. Buy duty-free or once you arrive.
I bought my suntan oil, razors and other things I couldn't pack once I'd arrived in Spain.

7. Have a separate bag for everything else. Don't waste space in your liquids bag by putting non-liquids in. 
I got this cute marble effect makeup bag and filled it with my favourite powders and pencils.

8. Pack multi-purpose make up. 
Makeup palettes that don't take up too much room but can be used for different things are perfect. 

What about you,
Do you have any tips?

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