Monday, 27 June 2016

How Much Do YOU Know About Fashion?

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While chatting to some of my 'blogger mates' recently, there was talk about wanting to spread their wings with their blogging niche and try something different, but they were worried they didn't know enough about the subject. For example, one mentioned wanting to do more 'fashion' related blog posts, but wasn't confident she knew enough and was thinking of looking into a course, to gain a bit more knowledge before she took the leap amongst the #FBloggers!
Becoming a professional fashion stylist or designer requires a number of professional credentials and certified diplomas from the academia as well as professional associations, but whether you want to advance your already established career with added expertise and skills; would like to know more about the fashion industry simply because it’s your favourite hobby, or like my friend, you simply want to learn a little more about fashion, there are many fashion short courses available that do not require an undergraduate or other student degree and cover all the specific areas of fashion, with important locations worldwide. 
Major international fashion institutes like Istituto Marangoni offers many courses for non-students in their London school, and also attracts many international students yearly, having schools in Paris, Milan & Shangai to name a few! Many view this as an excellent opportunity to spend a holiday while learning more about their passion. Who fancies a couple of weeks in Paris? ;) 

Istituto Marangoni specialise in fashion and design, offering 2 week or 3 week short courses that cover the many of the essential aspects of the industry - including a 2 week course on Interior Design for professionals, which may certainly be of interest to those who already have a career in the industry and want to embellish their resume with new skills. 
Their courses cover a broad range of important themes - the history of evolving and contemporary fashion trends, visual merchandising, use of colour with lighting and the interior space, the stages from the design and creation process to product manufacturing, business marketing, branding and many other essential concepts.

So if you need me, I'll be off to Paris for a couple of weeks. 
When I'm back, expect some amazing fashion and home interior design posts! 
Who's with me? ;)       

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  1. These courses sound brilliant! I know NOTHING of fashion! Seriously! I like what I like and I wouldn't have the confidence to follow some of the more adventurous fashions you see. Paris sounds great though. I'll go and drink wine whilst you do a course! Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare


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