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My Weightloss Journey - Month 1

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I never really struggled with my weight, a naturally slim size 8-10 between 8.5 and 9.5 stone, even after having my first baby I slimmed down pretty quick.
However, having a baby in my 30's has been a whole different story. I don't have little babies, oh nooo, seems I give birth to toddler sized babies! So after a 10 lb-er, I was am still pretty big.
And with him turning 2 this August, I think the 'I've just had a massive baby' excuse has sailed.
I have no willpower.
I have no motivation.

There I've said it.
When it comes to food and fitness, I suck. 
I go through fad diets, then quickly give up when I'm having a bad day.
But I've decided I really need to do something about it. I'm not happy and I need to make some changes. I'm going to be bridesmaid for my best friends in September, so I have a huge incentive to fix up!!
I've decided to document everything on here, as I'm hoping it'll motivate me to work hard, if I have to update you guys on how I'm doing.
I work from home and I have a toddler to keep me busy every day. There is no time for gym or classes, so any exercise will be done at home.

Weight: 10 st 3 lbs
Waist: 39 inches
Hips: 40 inches
Chest: 39 inches
Arms: 10.5 inches
Legs: 22 inches

1. A loss, any loss.
2. To stick to my meal plan as much as poss.
3. To up my water intake.
4. To workout every day.
5. To take my matcha every day.
6. To be strict Monday - Thursday and allow myself a cheat day over the weekend.

So, wish me luck!!

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  1. Go you!! looks like your doing great!!
    I lost 2stone before this pregnancy with doing HIIT workouts and running!
    Keep it up!

  2. Good luck, and don't forget to have a wee treat once in a while x

    1. Of course, counting down to treat day as we speak ;)

  3. Good luck! I know you can do this, just stay motivated!

    Love, Fads

  4. I can relate to everything you've said about having no motivation. I've just started using HeyWorkout which does online video workouts (might be worth checking out), but I'm still too lazy to do it haha!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  5. Best of luck! I can totally empathise. Just keep going even when you hit "the wall"! #KCACOLS

  6. Go go go!! You can do it! Make sure you eat a good breakfast and have healthy snacks ready so you don't just grab anything when you're hungry. Don't go hungry- it's not how much you eat so much as what you eat (within reason). You are often just thirsty when you think you're hungry so the 'drink more water' is a good one! Good luck! xx #fartglitter

  7. Good luck, I have weight to lose too but my motivation just doesn't seem to be there either

  8. Oh wow wishing you lots of luck, just remember to drink lots of water too x

  9. Well done you. Looks like you're off to a great start. I need some of your motivation x

  10. Best of luck. I'm sure you know already but I quickly realized although exercise helped me firm up it was only by changing my diet that I lost any weight. To try and get my 10,000 steps I now march in the living room while watching TV rather than sitting on the sofa. Can be a challenge with a toddler wrapped around your legs though.


    1. Its difficult doing my sit ups with Taylor sat on my tummy!! ;)

  11. Good luck! I'm on day 2 of my diet. My fitnesspal works for me. Like you I have given myself a short goal of a loss of 7lbs is achieveable. Any more than that and it seems out of reach. What exercise will you be doing at home?#twinklytuesday

    1. Good luck too - I'll be doing HIIT & other quick workouts

  12. Good luck! You're right, it can be so hard to not let one slip up take you down for the whole day.

    I think it's great you took measurements. Remember to keep doing this...they may tell a different story than the scale. And maybe take a picture or two in a favorite outfit you would love to fit better. You may see that you rock it long before the scale shows a # you want.


  13. Good luck with your weight loss journey. #twinklytuesday and #fartglitter

  14. Good luck Lianne, what a lovely incentive to work towards:)

  15. Writing this down will hopefully give you enough motivation to complete thee goals, so that is a great idea. Good luck and I really look forward to reading your journey and success

  16. Good luck - and I agree with Kizzy, now it's written down you'll have to do it otherwise you'll have us to answer to ;) Seriously I think writing things down helps - thanks for linking up to #PoCoLo

  17. Good Luck!! Its so important to allow yourself to have a cheat day otherwise I cheat everyday if I don't have anything to look forward to! x

  18. Lovely to meet through Sim's Weight Loss Wednesday linky - and if you want a "Weight Loss Water Wristband" to help up your water intake then head over to my blog post for this week :)
    Special Teaching at Pempi’s Palace

  19. Good luck honey! I know how you feel - I've gained so much weight since last year. I'm back on the weight loss now though and hoping to lose some. I'm sure you'll do great! :)

  20. Ah wow good luck!!! I'd recommend a weightloss on Instagram for food and stuff I find it really helps and there are SOOOO many inspiring people. I was just under 20 stone at my highest and I'm nearly 7 stone down from there now but still a long way to go, its hard isnt it but so good to have something to aim for. Thanks for linking up and good luck!! #friyaylinky

  21. Good luck my lovely - sounds like you've got a plan and I'm sure you will do fabulously! Don't put too much pressure on yourself though chick. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  22. What I've learnt in my weight loss journey, is to take each day as it comes and not be hard on yourself when you have a bad day.
    Good luck, you can do it :)
    Laura xx

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday:)

  23. Good Luck with your weightloss. I suck at dieting but I'm not too bad at working out even though I've had a slow month and lapsed somewhat this past month but I'm back on it now. I look forward to seeing how you get on #kcacols

  24. Good luck! I was 8stone when I fell pregnant and I put on 4 stone during my pregnancy. Arthur was pretty big (for me!) and my stomach was so stretched I now have baggy skin and damaged muscles so j will probably always have a belly now. I'm def not back to my old weight - I think I'm about 9.5 now but I've stopped weighing myself and decided to just stop worrying too much - I want another baby so prob not much point! #KCACOLS

  25. Oh my goodness I am exactly the same :( I've always been slim but as I've got older and less active I've put a stone on, now some may say that's nothing but I can feel it and I don't like it. Problem is I have all good intentions at the beginning of the week but the minute I'm feeling rubbish or my aches and pains kick in it all goes belly up. I need to find some motivation and get my Arsenal into gear. Good luck Leanne, you can do it girl!!!!!!

  26. OMG I hear you!! I'm in the exact same situation than you. I really need to lose weight but my will power is lost!! I really need to bring it back and start eating less and try to do more exercise! I wish you all the luck. We can keep each other on track maybe ;-) Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. Hope to see you again tomorrow, :-) x

  27. Hi Lianne, hope you are having a great week! Alas, my not so small baby is now 7 years of age - the only thing I can blame is myself for the fact I've left working on my weight for so long. You have an awesome incentive in the form of your best mate's wedding and I am sure you will look absolutely gorgeous - some great steps to follow there. The small things add up and you will definitely notice a difference! Thank you for joining in with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in this week and let us know how you are getting on! Sim xx

  28. Good luck! :)
    Although I've only got one and he wasn't a big baby, I've always struggled to stay slim and found and still am, finding it tough staying consistent. I lost a lot doing a buggy bootcamp which was great for fitness and social. But, I love food and I've struggled to find a balance.
    I bought myself a Fitbit a month ago, had a good talk with myself and set some goals. I'm a goal achiever, so the Fitbit works well for me as although in competition with myself, I'm still (you can follow friends too) I've also started running on a morning or any free time I have trying to get to 5k, which I'm close to.
    Water intake is a good goal. I fail daily at this!
    Look forward to reading your updates. :)
    Do post any good recipes you've come across etc, I'd love some new ones!



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