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Life of a Toddler : If my 18 month old had Twitter

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A day in the life of an 18 month old. 
I always wonder what life is like through the eyes of my little boy. What is he thinking?

Let's have a bit of fun...
Imagine if my 18 month old had Twitter...

5.45am - Wake up and can't find my diddy. Shout for my diddy, find it and fall back to sleep. 

7.00am - Wake up & shout Mummy. She comes in with a big smile, must be because I didn't wake her in the night #winning

7.10am - Watch Milkshake with Mummy in bed for a bit. But I get bored so look out the window to see if I can find some trees. 

7.20am - Still bored so head into Mummy's dressing room to see what I can touch. #SheHatesThis

7.25am - Bradley's making Mummy cross by not getting ready for school. She says he'll miss his bus if he doesn't stop messing. #SillyBabby

7.30am - Get dressed. Rockin some denim look joggers & a red stripy top. Argue with Mummy about what socks to wear. #MyFeetMyRules

7.45am - Mummy leaves me in my room while she gets dressed & 'puts cream on her face' or something. Hate when she leaves me. 

8.00am - Mummy tries to brush my teeth but I just want to suck the toothpaste and bite the brush. 

8.10am - Finally she lets me go downstairs! #FreeAtLast

Cheeeeeeese!! #LetMeTakeASelfie #HappyFace

8.15am - Eating my coco pops & apple slices while mummy cleans the kitchen & moves some clothes from the hanging thing into a pile. 

8.30am - Ask Mummy for Mr Tumble. Mummy has this special button on the remote that has lots of episodes of 'Mumble' just for me. 

9.45am - Off to see my mates at the Library Stay & Play. #OutOut 

11.30am - Been playing with all the toys at Stay & Play, then got to choose a new book to take home. 

12.00pm - Having lunch at home with Mummy. #GetInMyBelly

Lunch Time! #YumYum
12.10pm - She took my spoon away, how am I meant to eat my apple slices without a spoon? Scream until she gives it back #Fuming

1.00pm - Nap time! #TiredMuch 

3.00pm - Wow, my teeth hurt so much when I woke from my nap. Mummy said my cheeks were bright red! #Ouch 

3.15pm - Playing play dough. Mummy tries to get some jobs done. Is she having a laugh? I want her to play play dough with me!! #TimeForATantrumIThink

3.30pm - Mummy said the dishwasher is blocked. There's water everywhere. She seems cross. I think it's great to splash! 

4.00pm - Bradleys home! YESS!!! #BigBrotherTime 

4.30pm - Mummy made the yummiest dinner! Isn't it boring using a fork and spoon? So much easier with my fingers!

5.00pm - Super excited that my Daddy is home from work! 

5.30pm - Can't understand why Daddy won't share his dinner with me! #SelfishMuch

6.00pm - Chillin' in my tent with my bricks. #YoLo!

6.10pm - Mummy takes my nappy off and says if I need a wee-wee to sit on the potty. The potty is boring though. I don't fancy it today, maybe tomorrow. 

6.20pm - If anyone wants me, I'll be watching In The Night Garden! #IgglePiggleRules

In The Night Garden Time 
6.45pm - Mummy let me have bubbles in the bath tonight. GET IN! Mummy & Daddy got cross that I tipped water out all over the floor though. Oops!

7.00pm - Finally in bed, so exhausting being a toddler! #NightNight

It'd go something like that, right? ;)

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  1. I absolutely loved this, such an entertaining read! The hashtags are so on point!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent

  2. Oh Lianne I was giggling to myself all the way through this. Brilliant! xx

  3. Haha! This is brilliant, for some reason #YOLO makes me laugh every time i see it! He sounds like my 19 month old, hard work! But bags of fun :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #FriYAYLinky

  4. This all sounds very similar to my 19 month old, although there would be quite a lot of spoon-throwing and food-refusing with mine! #FriYAY

  5. This was so fun and yet so spot on! Thanks for my daily dose of chuckles!!

  6. This is so funny!!
    Thank you for linking up with #justanotherlinky

  7. It sounds quite exhausting being 18 months old to me!

  8. Haha the hard life of an 18 month old!

  9. Haha love this! Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx


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