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Clean 9 Programme : The Review : Day 1 & 2

Clean 9, C9, Forever Living, Aloe Vera, review

So, I'm reviewing the Clean 9 Programme. Read my Introduction Post to read what it's all about and what I hope to get out of it.

Since having Taylor and hitting my 30's, my body has completely changed and I've been finding it hard to keep the weight off. I totally took my metabolism and slim frame for granted in my 20's!

Apparently over the next 9 days I'll look better, feel better, feel lighter and more energised. Let's see shall we...

Before you start:

I weighed and measured myself, entered them into my booklet and chose 3 realistic goals I'd like to achieve in the next 9 days. 

Day 1 and 2:

The first 2 days are designed to reset the mind and body. No food is allowed, although there is a list of Free Foods [certain fruits and vegetables] allowed in moderation to curb any hunger. These first 2 days are deemed to be the toughest, especially if you're used to eating a lot, snacking regularly, not used to drinking much water or you drink a lot of tea, coffee or fizzy stuff!

Exercise during these 2 days should be 'low and moderate impact' such as gentle stretching exercises, walking or low-key yoga. This is to help stimulate metabolism and help you stay calm.

They say you may feel tired, with less energy during this time due to the very low calorie intake.

Day one:

Okay here we go... Breakfast. Step away from the Frosties, it's all about aloe Vera gel & some supplements this morning!! The gel is tough. It takes me 2 glasses of water, lots of gagging & a few tears to get the 120ml down me. I start to wonder if I'm going to manage this today let alone for 9 days!! 

Clean 9, C9, Forever Living, Aloe Vera, review

I slowly eat a satsuma throughout the morning, then share some apple and pear slices with Taylor while he has lunch. I go for a brisk walk with Taylor in the pushchair to the supermarket to pick up some almond milk, water & red grapes.
Lunch is more supplements and gel, but I get to drink a shake too. I hold my nose with the gel this time and try to down it quickly, I manage to do the 120ml in 3 mouthfuls and lots of water this time. Still minging, but a lot better than breakfast! I half the shake and bulk it up with water, that way I can have some later too. It's actually quite nice, but anything will taste good after the gel ;)
Another good walk with the pushchair, I start to feel a little headachey so I have some fruit and the fibre sachet. 
I'm almost dreading dinner. More gel. Eugh. Almost pinch a chicken nugget from the kids dinner, and the disappointment when I remember I can't have it sucks!! :) I have the other half of the shake, the gel, more supplements and I steam some green beans, broccoli and sugar snap peas. I still feel hungry but I'm not feeling too bad. Managed to drink 8 glasses of water, which I usually struggle with day to day, but has been pretty easy today.
Clare checks in with me a few times during the day which is lovely. It's nice to know she's there for tips and advice if needed.

By bedtime I'm feeling a little headachey and my tummy feels empty but I'm okay. I'm proud that I got through the first day, but I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Day 2 is going to be tough!!

Day two:

Craving some cereal this morning, but settle for my supplements and gel. ;) Gel makes me gag first thing in the morning, really hoping I get used to it, as I'm struggling.  I wonder how on earth my OH swigs this from the bottle like it's nothing!!
Ive been up since 4.30 as Taylor had a bad night teething, so I'm dreading how I feel by the end of today!
Clare checks in with me to see how I'm feeling again. I have a read through the support page, I'm already thinking about what I can have as my meal tomorrow! :)

Clean 9, C9, Forever Living, Aloe Vera, review

We go swimming and I make sure I get a few widths in as my exercise. I have a little moment afterwards when I feel a bit sick and weak but it passes and I have half of my shake, my supplements, gel and a few red grapes whilst Taylor and James have lunch. I have my fibre sachet during the afternoon and a satsuma, few hunger pangs but nothing like I thought Id feel.
Cooking a yummy roast dinner for the family was tough, but I'm still feeling good. I have some steamed veg and the rest of my shake and actually feel full up! 
Really shocked to be feeling so good, after being up so early I'd usually be flagging by late afternoon and I really thought I'd be struggling by the end of today with no food, but still have loads of energy by bedtime! Shocked! But feeling good!

Results after 2 days:

Day 3 is weighing and measuring day.
I've lost 2.5 lbs and 4 inches all over.

I feel a little disappointed with the weight loss to begin with, as I see people lose a lot more. But I try to put into prospective, I've lost what I usually lose in a week, in 2 days. I'm feeling good, I'm not really missing food and I have lots of energy. And I'm pretty happy with a 4 inch all over loss!! Let's see what happens on the next measuring day.

Clean 9, C9, Forever Living, Aloe Vera, review

2 down, 7 days to go!

You can purchase the Clean 9 Pack from Clare's page, for £108.95, HERE.

Have you tried the C9? 
How did you get on? 
Any tips?

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*Clean 9 Pack sent to me, free of charge, for review purposes
I am in no way involved with Forever Living
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  1. I love Forever Products. My ex boyfriends Mum and Dad used to swear by them,

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. That loss in just a couple of days sounds amazing! Well done for sticking with it x

  3. 4inches in two days all over is a fab start, If it was me I'd focus on inches rather than wieght. Well done for getting through those first two days! I hope you get the results you're hoping for :)

  4. That sounds tough going but we'll done for sticking with it and great to see results already :)

  5. I've done the C9. The first 4 days are tough. I had headaches until Day 5 then I felt fantastic & I had more energy than ever before. The aloe tastes horrible & the texture is the worst part. Make sure to always have a cold one in the fridge - it's even more vile at room temperature! Amazingly, there was no taste from it by the end of the 9 days. Good luck with the rest of your C9! #bigfatlinky

    1. I'm getting great and downing it in the morning now!! ;)

  6. It sounds like it's getting some great results even in the first 2 days, I'm sure you're really impressed with the results. I bet it was hard not having a snack of chicken nuggets or roast though! Popping in from Magic Moments.

  7. Well done you for sticking to it! I could never stick to something like that :( I love my food too much haha but well done you x

  8. Well done you for sticking to it - look forward to seeing your results. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  9. This sounds like hell on earth lol! I've considered trying similar plans but never actually have. Good luck with the rest of it, and if you write a post at the end of it all with your overall thoughts etc, please tweet me (@randommusings29) it as I'm dying to know how it turns out!
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes

  10. I just have never trusted any kind of life changing element that comes in the form of a pill except xanax lol...good luck with your journey. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink.

  11. Good luck with it hun, I can't imagine doing it. That gel sounds awful! :)

  12. Thank you for linking up with #anythinggoes linky with Blogging Mummy. Wow 4 inches after just 2/3 days is amazing. Im not sure I would be able to do this as I love my food to much he he. However its worth looking into and to see how I could work it in my day and try to lose some baby weight. x

  13. Sounds like a tough 2 days but I see why you have to go through that. I look forward to following your journey. Thanks for linking up with #FitnessFriday


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