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Gift Ideas for a 1 Year Old feat. Fisher Price

Fisher Price, Gift Ideas, baby toys

With Taylor's 1st Birthday coming up, it was time to start thinking about what gifts we would buy him. 

We LOVE Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages toys. 

Smart Stages technology gives you the option to change the level of play and learning content, by selecting the stage best for your child. Each stage includes a wide variety of developmentally appropriate songs, sounds and phrases.

Level 1 [aimed at 12mths+] - Explore:
First words and sounds spark baby's curiosity.

Level 2 [aimed at 18mths+] - Encourage:
Prompt baby through questions and simple directions.

Level 3 [aimed at 24mths+] - Pretend:
Imaginative fun and early role play.

The lovely people at Fisher Price sent us the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Scooter* (£32.99) and the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Toolbox* (£19.99).
We also bought him the Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Chair, which is fantastic.

This cute Baby Ride On is a perfect first ride on, with it's bright colourful features, the perfect size for 12 month+ olds to attempt to climb on themselves and the interactive buttons. Little ones can learn to move themselves along independently, and be rewarded by fun songs, phrases and sound effects. It has a little horn button 'Beeep Beeep!!' and buttons to teach colours, shapes and numbers.

Fisher Price, Smart Stages, Baby Ride On, Scooter, baby toys
Fisher Price, Scooter, Smart Stages, Baby Ride On, baby toys

This was one of the first things Taylor went for when he came into the lounge on his birthday, and he absolutely adores it. He has me pushing him around on it constantly [my knees have the bruises to confirm this!! ;)]

Fisher Price, Smart Stages, Baby Ride On, baby toys
Fisher Price, Smart Stages, Baby Ride On, Baby toys, gifts for 1 year old
Finding the buttons. 'Beep Beep!'

How adorable is this Toy Toolbox? Baby can hammer away at the colourful shape pegs and be rewarded with fun songs, phrases and sounds. I love educational toys like this, where he is learning colours, shapes, numbers and opposites all while he's having lots of fun.

Fisher Price, Smart Stages, Toy toolbox, baby toys, gifts for 1 year old
Fisher Price, Smart Stages, Toy toolbox, baby toys, gifts for 1 year old

Taylor loves grabbing the hammer and hitting the pegs, then passing the hammer over for us to have a go. [of course not while you're trying to get a photo of him doing it!! ;)]

Fisher Price, Smart Stages, Toy Toolbox, baby toys, gifts for 1 year old

I'm a huge fan of these toys as they will grow with him as he gets a little older and will continue to teach him new things as he develops. 

What toys do you recommend for a 1 year old?

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*Toys kindly sent to us by Fisher Price 
for the purpose of this post.
Opinions are all my own.



  1. Love the little toy box. It looks like lots of fun for a one year old. The scooter is pretty cool too. I do like fisher price toys. Thanks for linking up to the #BinkyLinky

  2. Love the scooter great gift ideas thanks for linking to the binkylinky

  3. I love Fisher Price toys too. I bought my youngest the Laugh and Learn Puppy. She absolutely loves it! Thanks for linking up to #SuperparentSaturday

  4. I love Fisher Price - the fact they have been around so long is a sign of how good quality they are. Ben is one at the end of November - he has a rocker/push along but I like the idea of the tool box - that will go on his wishlist. Thanks for linking to #SuperparentSaturday

  5. I think Fisher Price really are the stalwart of children's toys. I love that ride-on - it is so cute! I hope your boy has a wonderful day. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  6. He looks so happy with his ride on! I love fisher price toys for the kids

  7. With Christmas fast approaching i defo need ideas!! Thanks for the tips! Such a lovely read! Thanks for sharing! Suz x

  8. I can not believe that are baby boy's are now one! The last year has flown over so quickly. I love the look of the scooter and toolbox , Jacob would love these. We got him the chair for his birthday and he loves it xx


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