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Book Review: Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Girl Online, Zoe Sugg, Book, Zoella

I honestly can't remember the last time I sat down and read a book. Let's be truthful here, I can't actually remember the last time I sat down long enough!!

I'm on the go all day, then I work in the evenings. But I've recently changed my hours at work, so I get a little bit of extra ME time in the evenings. 
So I decided I really wanted to get back into reading. It's so relaxing and takes you away from the busy hustle and bustle of life, and for a short while, you're swept up in the story. 
I'd had Girl Online since Christmas. My other half bought it for me after I'd mentioned it. 

I'd been following Zoella's blog for years, way before she made it big, way before she took over YouTube. 
Personally, I think she's great. She gets a lot of stick in the blogging world which is a shame as she just started out just like us. So I was intrigued to give her first novel a read.

Girl Online, Zoe Sugg, Book, Zoella

There was a big uproar when it came out that Zoe had help from a Ghostwriter. Really?? I mean, what celebrity / non-author doesn't get help from a ghostwriter? Come on! 

I wouldn't say it's your every day read for a 30+ year old. It's aimed more at teenage girls. But it was actually really refreshing to read. It took me back to being a teenager and all there was to worry about were issues such as friendships, crushes & teenage hormones.

To read, it's obvious it's written by an amateur, a beginner. If you like your books deep and extremely well-written, probably best you remove this one from your to-read list!

It's about a teenage girl from Brighton, called Penny. She's pretty unlucky, clumsy and seems to attract bad luck. She begins writing a blog, anonymously. 
Under the alias, 'Girl Online', she blogs about her panic attacks and school dramas.

After a really embarrassing event at school which ended up with her and her knickers going viral on You Tube thanks to her so-called mates, Penny goes to New York with her parents and her best friend, Elliot, for Christmas to get away from everything. She meets a guy called Noah who sweeps her off her feet, and she captures it all on her blog.

It's quite OTT at times. I often sat thinking 'Reaalllyyy?!'. 

It's very 'movie like' and I thought 'that wouldn't happen in real life', but that said, it's a story and you do get lost in it like a fairy tale. 

Girl Online, Zoe Sugg, Book, Zoella

Penny has an amazing time in New York. Noah is exactly like the guy you used to dream about as a teenager. He teaches her how to deal with her anxiety and helps her forget about all the bad luck at home. But something doesn't seem quite right, and once home, everything unfolds and Penny's life is turned upside down.

The story focuses on anxiety, cyber bullying, internet hate, friendship issues, falling in love and general teenage worries, and I like this fact. Zoe has used this opportunity to raise these issues and hey, if it helps a teenage girl to understand or help deal with these issues then who's to knock it!

Of course, everything comes good in the end. :)

Personally I found the book quite predictable, over the top and often quite poorly written, BUT I enjoyed it. It made me smile and although at times I knew what was coming, I still couldn't stop reading. I think it's perfect for young readers, which is the audience it's aimed at. I know my 11 year old son's friends loved it. It'd be perfect for a gift for someone of that age. It's a very cute story! 

I actually want to start doing 'Magical Mystery Day' with my little family!! On Magical Mystery Day, Penny's family took out a map, closed their eyes and randomly picked a place, then they'd go and have an adventure there. AND on Magical Mystery Day you HAVE to eat cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'd clearly be the best Mum in the world if I pulled this one out once a year!

Read it if... You're a fan of Zoe and you're curious to read her story, you're a teenage girl or young adult or you simply want an easy read that takes you back to your younger years.

Hats off to Zoe. She's living the dream and fulfilling her goals. Despite the negative reviews, Girl Online was a huge bestseller, knocked Harry Potter off the top spot and has a sequel coming out soon.

Have you read Girl Online?
What did you think?

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  1. My 12 year old is a huge zoella fan although I have never read her blog or watched her videos before myself. She got this book for Christmas and I have actually read it myself last week , I know is aimed at teens and is so unrealistic but I liked it and read it in two nights. I think it's a great escapism book and so easy to read and teens will love it xx

  2. I haven't read it but must admit I was intrigued. Magical Mystery Day sounds awesome though!

  3. Ive always wanted to read this! I might give it a go! x

  4. My eldest daughter is 10 years old and suffers terribly with anxiety (closed doors, mess and new places, to name but a few) We've been recommended this book through an anxiety workshop she attended. She's a very strong and avid reader, but they have suggested we read it together, presumably because she is, perhaps, a little young for it. It arrived yesterday, so we've not started it yet, but I feel a little more prepared as to what to expect having read your review. I'm just hoping it doesn't add to her anxieties! :| Thank you for sharing! x #PicknMix

    1. I think it'd be perfect!! Id love to know how you both find it!

  5. Fab review. I am a secondary school librarian and also a fan of Zoella so I read this before my students got their hands on it. I have the same opinions of you really, a bit far fetched in places but great for teenage girls! #PickNMix xx

  6. I have not read a book for years, this sounds just what I would like :)

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop..

  7. I heard the news about this book! Sounds like a nice book. I am in the middle of Eleanor and Park also a young adult book. I have been reading it since forever because the story is heading towards the sad bits and I dont want sad bits so I will finish it when I am ready =P


  8. I didn't realize she had a book out. Sounds like a good easy read for the beach or holiday in the sun though. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  9. I haven't encountered Zoella, apart from the hype, as I no longer have girls of the right age to be interested, but, having been one myself, I'm all for a bit of escapism!

  10. I used to like reading books when I was still a teenager but not anymore now, just too busy with work and family life. In fairness, that book's storyline seems my type of book, especially as I like feel good movies too. Great Review! Thanks fro sharing! #TriedTested

  11. I've not read it but it sounds a good, fluffy holiday read!


  12. I didn't realise she had a book out. It dounds perfect for dipping in and out of during baby feeds - I can't cope with anything too heavy at the moment lol! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  13. I'll admit, I haven't even heard of Girl Online... but now I'm curious!

    But I do love reading, I've always carved out time for it, even when it cuts into my beauty sleep.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Stopping over from #TwinklyTuesday


    Reading List

  14. I have never heard of Girl Online but i do like my books not to be too heavy anyway, i might have to pick this up and give it a read! thanks for sharing! Suz x

  15. Funnily enough one of the Year 6 girls I was teaching was telling me about this at the end of the school year - I guess she's probably about the right age for it!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

    1. Yes, my son has just left year 6 and all of his girl friends had read it! :)

  16. I haven't read a book for ages. I do like an easy read as I'm too tired to read a complicated book these days haha. Thanks for linking to #PickNMix

  17. I hadn't realised she had a book too! In all honestly, I still have no real idea who she is hehe! I haven't read her blog, watched her vlogs or read her book! That said, like you say - massive hats off to her for living her dreams! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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