Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Taylor's 9 month Update

Taylor James' 9 month Update

9 months already? I can't believe he's been here as long as I was pregnant for, although that definitely felt longer!! ;)
He's getting so big and grown up now, it's crazy! He understands so much and tries to say a few words. He's getting really cheeky and thinks it's hilarious when I tell him 'No' with a serious face. He's still very much a handful, never stays still and is on the go constantly. He's just not interested in the huge box full of toys he has, he'd rather touch everything he's not supposed to! :)
He understands lots of words now such as 'Mummy, Daddy, Bradley, breakfast, lunch, din-dins, no, bottle, juice, diddy, muzzy, toys, wave...' 

I haven't taken him to be weighed again this month, I might book him in soon though.

He's still in 9-12 months clothing. Although I did put him in 12-18 month leggings the other day as I was behind on laundry, and they fit him lovely :) I think I'm going to have to go buy some 12-18 month vests as his are getting tight now. 
Did I mention he was a 3F shoe size? He's due a fitting at Clarks though so I'll have to see if that has changed since.

He's still loving his food and pretty much eats everything. A typical days meals include, an Organix cereal and some fruit for breakfast, sandwiches, toast, crumpets etc for lunch with fruit, salad, cheese, cooked meats etc, and then a cooked meal for dinner; pasta, or meat, potatoes and veg etc. Or if we have dinner late, or a takeaway at the weekend, he'll have half a Hipp or Heinz toddler meal. He still spoon feeds himself with a pre loaded spoon, and his pincer grip picking up foods is coming on great!!

He had one night where he slept right through, in his own bed, which for a 9 month old doesn't sound too special right? But it was a huge achievement for him. We woke in the morning and ran to his cot to check he was okay as we just wasn't used to this!! Most nights he still wakes during the night and refuses to settle, until we give in and bring him in our bed. Totally making a rod for my own back I know, but it's the only way any of us gets any sleep. Everyday I do say, 'Not tonight, tonight I'm going to try everything!!' but soon give up and bring him in for snuggles! :/
Daytime naps he still has 2-3 30 minute naps, one about 2 hours after he gets up, one after lunch and sometimes one about 3-4pm, this is sometimes skipped though. I do have to rock him off for these naps though, as he fights them but gets super grumpy when he's tired.

Bedtime Routine...
Still the same bedtime routine, 6pm bath; he often baths with Bradley which is super cute and allows me to get everything ready for bedtime knowing he's safe with Bradley. He has started to attempt to climb out of his bath seat though, so I've bought a bath mat for him to sit on instead. Then he gets dry on my bed, into his vest, snuggles and bottle, then into bed. He's pretty good at settling himself at night time and goes straight to sleep.

He has been trying to take a step, he's desperate to walk and I don't think it'll be long. He practically runs around the house with his push along walker, he walks along the furniture super quick and will walk with our hands. He just randomly stands up in the middle of the room sometimes. :) He understands a lot more words too. And he's started waving. :)

What he's loving this month...
Touching everything he's not meant to!! ;) 

Mummy's post partum body...
Although Ive had a couple of comments saying I look as though I'm slimming down well, I actually put a few pounds on this month! :(

Mummy's Best Bits...
Him waving is super cute and walking with my hands, he's just getting so big, he's adorable!!

Daddy's Best Bits...
'I love that he can stand up! And I love when we chase each other around the house' :)

Bradley's Best Bits...
'I love when he comes into my room to play, the fact that he's learning a lot of new things, I just love him!'

Until next month...

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cake... through your letterbox?? | Review

Cake cake cake.

Have I got your attention?? ;)
Cake delivered to your door. Fantastic concept if you ask me. But hey, I LOVE cake [as you can probably tell! Hips don't lie!] so when Baker Days contacted me asking if I would review their letterbox cakes, it didn't take me long to accept, and set about waiting beneath my letterbox, mouth wide open. [Okay I jest ;)]

So, Baker Days let you design your own cake, online, and pop it into the post to you, if you order before 2pm it'll arrive the very next day!
The cakes are handmade, using their very own fresh buttercream and they guarantee that your cake will arrive fresh, on time and in tact! ;)

Their cakes come in 4 different sizes ranging from a small 5 inch letter box cake, up to a large 12 inch party cake.

I was reviewing their letter box cake.
I set about choosing my design. There are so many categories to choose from, you will find a cake for any occasion, a birthday cake, a new job cake, a thank you cake or just an 'I think you're great' cake.
I chose a 'Keep Calm...' design. Then from 5 different recipe options I chose a 'vanilla sponge', filled in my details and it was done.

Within a few days, and almost perfectly timed on James' birthday, a small parcel popped through the letter box.
Inside was this cute little tin, some balloons and candles. Unfortunately the candles had started to melt over the balloons, which was a shame. 
Inside the tin, packed in special packaging, this amazing little cake.

We tried some that evening, it smelt gorgeous and tasted really lovely and fresh. 

Soft, moist vanilla sponge finished off with a yummy buttercream underneath. We all agreed it was lovely!!

I would definitely use Baker Days again, I think it's such a fab idea to send someone a little cake through the post, even if just to tell them you're thinking of them!
The cakes can be personalised with names and photos for that extra special touch. 

Letterbox cakes* are available for £14.99 from 

What do you think? 
Would you try cake through your letterbox?

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

Babymoov : Babyni Playpen | Review

As part of our ambassadorship with Babymoov, we're lucky enough to get the chance to review their products, to share our thoughts with you. 

Today we're reviewing their Babyni - A multi function playpen*.

The Babyni can be used from birth as a portable, comfortable little travel cot, which with SPF50+ sun protection and removable mosquito net, makes it perfect for those upcoming summer holidays and days out with the family. 

It comes in it's own handy little travel bag and is super quick and easy to put up. It has a little handle, so it's easy to grab on the way out of the house, which is great, as let's face it, we have enough to contend with when leaving the house with a baby!! ;)

It comes with an easy to assemble playpen, a mosquito nest, a comfortable mattress and 3 removable toys to entertain baby.

It really is simple to put up, it pops open and the little 'sticks' around the sides fit nicely into straps to hold it in place. It only takes a few minutes, so no faffing while baby is getting restless.
With the sun hood and mosquito net, I think this is perfect to take on holiday, to the beach, the park, anywhere, knowing baby will be comfortable and safe.

Here is Taylor sat playing with his toys in the Babyni.
He is possibly a little big to use it as a travel cot / nest now, he's far too active, never stays still and would just try and climb out!! :)

So, we decided to roll back the sun hood and turn it into a little ball pit!! What do you think??

We love this multi functional playpen. It's perfect for keeping very little ones safe from the sun, and a comfortable place to sleep whilst away from home. Then as they get a little older it can be used as a fun playpen, like we have done.

The only problem I have with the Babyni is I struggle putting it back into the carry bag after use. But if I'm truly honest, I think that's me and my impatience rather than the product!! ;)

The Babyni can be purchased from the Babymoov website  at £59.99 and is also available in a smaller version.

We can't wait to show you lots of other fantastic products from Babymoov.

What do you think of the Babyni?
Is it something you'd use?

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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Me & Mine - Family Portrait Project - April

Me & Mine
The Family Portrait Project

April 2015

This month:

I am loving:
Family days out in the sunshine
Interior designing the new house

James is loving:
Taylor learning to crawl
LCFC finally having some wins!

Bradley is loving:
Eating chocolate at Easter time
Spending time with Taylor

Taylor is loving:
Exploring the house now he can crawl
Tulli on Baby TV

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