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Mama Loves Handmade: Teething Necklaces | Review

Teething sucks, right? If you're anything like me you own 989867 different teething gels and powders and you purchase a new teething toy whenever you see one! [okay, a little exaggerated maybe, but you see my point ;)
Taylor cut 2 teeth at 4 months old, and it feels like we've been teething forever! So I'm all for anything to help take the pain away and numb those little gums!

When this teething necklace from Mama Loves Handmade* popped through my door, I was super happy to give it a go!

'Mama loves handmade is all about handmade teething / nursing/ babywearing necklaces for mamas. All necklaces are made of Eco natural wood and silicone beads which are BPA free and have FDA and LFGB certification. Beads are heat-resistant, high temperature resistant, non-toxic, odorless and easily cleaned with soap and warm water. We use satin cords and breakaway clasps for added security or sliding knot which aloud to change the length of necklace.' 

It came wrapped in this adorable little bag, tied with string to give it that lovely handmade feel.

I got to choose my own colours, so of course I went for blues and white for my mini Leicester City fan. ;)

The necklace consists of eco natural juniper wood and food grade silicone beads, I'm not going to lie, I had to have a little chew myself, haha!

The necklaces are designed for Mums to wear, for babies to have access to teething material on the go. They make a fantastic distraction when needed too...

The day that I received the necklace, I wore it for a trip shopping with my Mum, and had a bit of a 'hungry baby, bottle still too hot' situation, which is always a stressful few minutes as any Mum knows. And the whole food court was soon realising that Taylor wasn't a happy bunny!! :) So while my Mum went to cool the bottle down, I bought his attention to my necklace. And he was soon chewing away on the beads, taking his mind off anything else.

I did panic a little about the wood. Wouldn't he get splinters? But after reading into juniper wood, I realised how safe it is and that it is used for teething materials all over the world. It is a soft wood, which makes it perfect for teething. 

The necklaces are available in different colours, shapes and sizes, and you can be rest assured that all materials are totally safe for baby.

To see more of their products, visit Mama-Loves-Handmade Facebook page. 

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  1. Awe that's a brilliant idea ... When Agent M was teething i just used to tie a toothy-peg onto his bib with a piece of ribbon so he couldn't lose it.

    Now were at the tooth fairy stage :)



  2. Oh I love the look of this. I've never had teething necklaces before. Jg might try then with make. Thanks for sharing and fork king up to #MaternityMatters x


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