Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Chemist Direct haul

I don't know about you but when the weather is cold and rainy, the last thing I want to do is venture out, especially with a baby in tow! But when you need supplies and you're running low on baby formula, you have no choice.

What about when you're under the weather, and you have nothing in the medicine cupboard to help?

That's when Chemist Direct* comes in.

'Chemist Direct is one of the largest online pharmacies providing customers with affordable health and beauty products along with a huge range of wellbeing services, whilst giving tips and advice provided by our fully qualified in-house GP’s and pharmacists who can help customers with any queries regarding illness and medicines. With a huge selection of up to date products for customers to choose from, departments range from Healthcare to Fragrance and Beauty. Founded in 2008 the company has grown rapidly in recent years and now delivers to over one million customers all around the globe.' - Chemist Direct website.

The website is super easy to navigate, with clear departments to choose from, they seem to stock everything from healthcare and toiletries to pet care and travel.
I quickly noticed that a lot of things were a lot cheaper than their usual RRP, and many items were available as offers too. 

Delivery takes just a few days and is free if over £35 or a UK prescription order. 

Take a look at what I ordered:

£9.99 (RRP £10.59)
Taylor has really dry skin, so I bought this to pop in his bath to see if it helped.

£2.11 (RRP £2.29)
I've heard great things about this teething gel, so had to pick some up... I'll try anything at this point! :)

£6.29 (RRP £6.99)
I love the idea of this for when Taylor drops his dummy while we're out, perfect to keep in the changing bag.

£10.99 (RRP £12.99)
I've wanted to try this for a while as I've heard good things about it, so lets see what the fuss is about!

£5.59 (RRP £6.99)
I picked this up simply because it looked fab and I bought the matching shampoo and conditioner too. :)

Shampoo £4.79 (RRP £5.99)
Condiitoner £5.09 (RRP £5.99)
I'm always on the look out for new hair products and I hadn't come across these before, yet thought they looked lush, so I've bought them to give them a try.

£2.69 (RRP £3.16)
Bradley loves fruity scented shampoo, so I picked up this tropical mango fragranced one for him, it smells amazing!

Bradley is getting older, and beginning to become more aware of his body changing, he does a lot of sport and is active a lot, and has started to... lets just say 'smell like a teenage boy!!' so I bought this for him to help.

£5.69 (RRP £7.99)
I loved the look of this, we're BLW with Taylor so this is perfect for fruit purees and juices and also helps numb those sore gums!

£5.29 (RRP £6.50)
We love a teether right now, and I love the MAM ones as they double up as toys too.

I was super happy with the products I received, how quick they arrived and the wide range of products they have on offer.

An online pharmacy delivering health and beauty products, at fab prices, direct to your door! I'll definitely be using Chemist Direct again!

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  1. You've got an impressive haul there. I use no sulphate shampoo because of my coloured hair so would be interested to try out the shampoos. If the perfect blur works I will order a lorry load!!

  2. Awwww I always love shopping whether in real life or online! Nice products! #pocolo

    1. Oh me too, I do love opening a parcel when it comes through the post - never stops being exciting!! :)

  3. This is such a great idea to be able to stock up. We have a Boots in town but it isn't always that accessible. I love the baby items. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

    1. I agree, sometimes there isn't always the option to pop to Boots, this is a great idea!


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