Wednesday 31 December 2014

Christmas 2014

A few pictures from our Christmas Day 2014...

I apologise for the photos. No actually scrap that, I make no apologies for the photos, they were taken with only one aim in mind - capturing the moment, our memories, our Christmas.

My favourite bits:
I loved seeing Bradley's face when he realised that the huge box we'd been playing off as a 'highchair for Taylor' was actually a gaming chair!! Taylor in his Christmas outfits was super cute!! Christmas dinner with my family was yummy and I loved chilling out with my boys in the evening, rather than going out visiting all day and night like our usual Christmas Days! It was such a lovely day!

James' favourite bits:
Watching Bradley's face opening the presents and Taylor playing with the wrapping paper rather than the toys!! :) I loved having fun with Lianne and the kids and opening my surprises.

Bradley's favourite bits:
Opening Taylor's presents for him, seeing my Mum open her presents from me and I loved when I opened my gaming chair, I had no idea it was for me! Most of all I loved spending time with my family.

I'd love to see some of your Christmas Day snaps?

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Monday 29 December 2014

Christmas Eve | Opening our Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve is such an exciting time!

I put together a Christmas Eve box for the boys to open on the eve before Christmas. I'd always let Bradley open one present, which was always pyjamas or a onesie - and at 10 years old, it was getting a bit obvious. He was super excited this year to celebrate his baby brothers 1st Christmas, so I put the box together for him to share with him.

The box included:
A onesie for Bradley
Christmas sleep suits for Taylor
Christmas Tshirt for Bradley
Christmas Pudding & Snowman All in One's for Taylor
Christmas bib for Taylor
Selection of festive sweets and chocolate for Bradley

Next year I can add things like books, films and other things Taylor will be able to understand. I can't wait for next Christmas Eve already! ;)

Did you have a Christmas Eve box this year? 
I'd love to see what was in it!!

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Saturday 27 December 2014

Additional Lengths Remi Cachet Hair Piece | Review

With a 4 month old grumpy baby, I'm not having much time to myself, and getting myself ready in the morning is a pretty quick routine. It's a quick race to get showered, pop on the nearest clothes I can find, and a basic makeup look before he gets grumpy and needs me.

So my hair isn't getting a look in lately. 

I'm just tying it up if I'm around the house, or I'll wear it loose and wavy with a wooly hat if I go out.

So when I had people round over christmas, I remembered the wavy hair piece that the lovely people at Additional Lengths sent me. 

The Remi Cachet Wavy Wrap* is made of 100% human hair and is a simple ring of hair, with a slight wave.

Before my guests arrived, I simply tied my hair back in a loop then popped the hair piece around it. It took 5 seconds! The look was so simple, yet added a little volume to the loop. 

It gave the look of a messy bun with lots of volume. The hair was soft and matched my hair colour well. It stayed in my hair all day and held the bun well. When I took it out at the end of the day, James commented that he had no idea I had it in. So I think it did the job pretty well!! :) There's nothing worse than overly obvious hair pieces/extensions!!

The wrap can be worn loose, or tight, depending on the look you're trying to achieve. 
It is available in 20 hair colours, so you'll easily find a shade suitable for you. This makes for a great piece for every day looks or an occasional up do.

I am really happy with it and will be experimenting with a few more looks with it when I have more time. 

Additional Lengths are award winning hair extension stockists stocking numerous brands such as Remi Cachet, Beauty Works, Glam Hair, American Dream and Jessica Simpson to name a few. 
Hair pieces are great for simply adding different looks and styles quickly and easily, which are ideal for me right now, when I don't have the time to sit and style my hair. I'm already eyeing up the pony tails and fishtail braids!!

The wavy wrap is available from Additional Lengths for £24.95 plus p&p.

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*Sent to me for honest review.
As always, all opinions are my own

Tuesday 16 December 2014

Last Minute Gifts - Ted Baker Regency Body Washes


Looking for a last minute stocking filler?
Well, these beautiful, luxury body washes from Ted Baker's Regency range make perfect gifts for indulgent beauty-fan females in your life!

Ted’s indulgent new Body Washes and Body Lotions are available in three stunning fragrance collections, all featuring the quintessentially English Regency House design. The opulent 19th Century print is all about the romantic charm and sophistication of a time gone by. 

These little beauties are limited edition so snap them up quickly!

There are 3 body washes/lotions in the Regency Houses range - 

No 1 Bridlesmith Gate & No 1 Langley Court 
A delectable blend of raspberry, lychee and jasmine petals, in a beautiful sorbet orange bottle.

No 2 Regents Square & Upperbrook Mews
A sumptuous mix of freesia, peach and amber, in lovely lilac.

No 3 Furburts Place & Brompton Crescent
A lavish blend of lemon, jasmine and amber crystal, in a gorgeous mint green bottle.

I got my hands on 2 of the body washes, no2 and no3...

The bottles are gorgeous and would lovely on display in the bathroom. This is what makes them lovely gifts, as they are beautiful products and stand apart from your standard body washes. In clear plastic bottles, they easily imitate glass. And they have a pump dispenser for easy access.

Both smell absolutely lush and I'd be pretty chuffed if I received these for Christmas. 
I'll be wrapping these up for a relative this Christmas. 
And if you're looking for a last minute gift, you can pick them up in Boots, amongst other products in their Regency range.

Ted Baker Regency Body Washes* priced at £8.00.

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*PR sample sent for honest review


Sunday 14 December 2014

Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit | Review

Bradley is 10, and believe me when I say he is one of the clumsiest children you will ever meet. He comes home from school at least twice a week with an injury form and can't seem to walk from his bedroom to the lounge without twisting his ankle or banging into a wall. [and we live in a flat!] Seriously this child is totally accident prone!

And with a new baby in the family, I'm not going to be stopping kissing grazed knees anytime soon!!

With a young family, it's super important to have a first aid kit on standby for any minor incidents.

Steroplast do a perfect little First Aid Kit aimed specifically for children.

It comes in this neat little case with a handle and is the perfect size to keep in the medicine cupboard, or to pop in the changing bag, car or pushchair for trips out. 

The items are kept securely in the zipped, mesh compartments. But can be accessed quick and easy, no fiddly pockets or anything, which is important when you need to grab something quickly!

The kit contains everything needed for minor injuries: 

The wash proof plasters are decorated in a child friendly pattern and the wipes are alcohol free so that there is no stinging when applied to a young child's skin; perfect! I think it's a great little kit for taking out and about, I love that it includes 2 eye/wound wash pods which are great for cleaning a wound or rinsing sand or dirt out of eyes. With 2 boys, my life is a whirlwind of cuts and grazes and sand in eyes!! 

I'll definitely be carrying this around on our travels from now on!

Steroplast Kids First Aid Kit* has a RRP of £4.60 A fantastic price!

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*Item sent to me for honest review

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