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Pregnancy | Hospital Bags #2

This is the 2nd post of my Hospital Bags series. To catch up on the 1st, click here.

At 31 weeks, I've had to start thinking about preparing my hospital bags. They recommend you have your bags all packed ready before 36 weeks, just incase you need to go in unexpectedly. The last thing you want is to end up going in early and having nothing prepared!!

There are many recommended lists out there to help you put your bags together. And lots to think about. You may have a quick and easy birth and be home the same day, many mums stay in hospital for one night after birth or you may have to stay in for a little while, so it can be hard to work out what to take. You don't want to take too much, neither do you want to get there and realise you don't have something, so try to find a balance. It may also be a good idea to keep extras and spares in the car incase you need them.

Using all the research, tips and advice I'd gathered, I put together my own list to work from; including what you should pack for labour, essentials for afterwards, and what to pack for baby.

Check out the list here.

For my Hospital Bags series, I've been putting together 3 posts to show you the things in my hospital bags:
Hospital Bags #2 - Toiletries & other essentials
Hospital Bags #3 - Baby [clothes, essentials, feeding]

I'll also need to prepare a bag for Bradley as he'll need to be ready to go to my Mums at the drop of a hat when I go into labour.

So... Toiletries & other essentials

The majority of the toiletries I've packed in my bag are samples I've had at home. I haven't had to purchase much at all regarding toiletries. 
Let me talk you through what I have...

Boots Maternity Pads (£1.05*) - I have 2 packs, my friend actually gave me these. They actually scare me and I'm quickly reminded of how things feel after birth... Let's move on!!

Soap & Glory Clean Girls Creamy Body Wash (Sample size* - full size £6.50) - I love this body wash, its so soft and creamy, so I've thrown in this sample sized bottle for my shower after birth. 

Steam Cream (Sample sachets - full size £9.95) - Steam Cream is amazing stuff!! Using steam to fuse the ingredients together, the cream sinks past the skins surface super fast, leaving your skin feeling so soft and moisturised. I've thrown a couple of sachets in; maybe for my hands or anywhere else I need it.

BalanceMe Balancing Face Moisturiser (Sample size* - full size £24.00) - I've popped this sample size moisturiser in to freshen my face after my shower. 

Cussons Mum & Me Cleanse & Protect Hand Gel (£1.45*) - Being in hospital, it's super important to make sure your hygiene levels are high, I always carry a bottle of hand gel in my handbag anyway, but I've thrown in this one I received in a goody bag for myself & James to use whilst in hospital.

Colgate Toothbrush (£1.00) - The pound shop is perfect to pick up a toothbrush for overnight stays in hospital. 

Dove Silk Dry Roll On Deodorant (£2.30) - I always use Dove deodorant to keep me fresh and dry, so purchased this one for my hospital bag.

Lacura 3in1 Facial Cleansing Wipes (89p) - I don't use face wipes and begrudge using them, but for easy make up removal and to freshen up, they're ideal for my hospital bag, so I picked up a pack from Aldi, you can't go wrong for 89p, especially as I'll probably never use them again.

Andrex Washlets Toilet Tissue Wipes (£1.99) - I remember too well how it felt using the bathroom after giving birth, something I'm definitely NOT looking forward to. To make things a little easier, moist wet wipes can help, so I picked up a pack. 

Colgate Total Toothpaste Travel Mini (£1.09) - I always pick up these travel size toothpastes for holidays or trips away so I often have a couple lying around, including this one, perfect for my hospital bag.

Bomb Cosmetics What A Melon Intense Lip Treatment (£2.49*) - As I mentioned in my list, lips can become dry during labour, particularly from the use of gas and air, so I grabbed a lip balm from my collection. I received this one in a blog meet goody bag and have yet to try it out but it promises to keep lips soft and hydrated.

TheBodyShop Vitamin E Face Mist (£8.00) - I've been using this a lot during these hot sticky nights, it instantly freshens my skin and cools me down, so I think will come in handy during labour.

TheBodyShop Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray (£6.00) - As with the face mist, I've been using this a lot to cool my feet down, I've been suffering with hot, achey feet during this part of my pregnancy, so again it may help cool my feet down if needed during labour.

Robinsons Healthcare Breast Pads (£2.49) - No explanation needed really :)

Books & Magazines - just incase theres any waiting around for things to happen. 

I will also be popping in some drinks and snacks nearer the time.

Is there anything you think I'm missing??

*PR Samples / Gifts



  1. I was so laid back packing my hospital bag that my husband thought I was going nuts!

    1. I forgot half of what I needed last time lol, so decided to be much more prepared this time!! :)

    2. lol...good luck and remember, they say the birth is usually quicker with the 2nd! xx

  2. I think you have got everything you need on the list. I never got to pack a bag with either of mine. 1st was 2w3d early and the 2nd was 6 weeks! So it was more, shove everything you can find within 10 minutes!

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

    1. Aw! Thats why I want to make sure Im well prepared this time! :)

  3. Looks like you've got everything you need. I took quite a few things but forgot any bath products and the midwives were quite insistent on baths after the birth. I ended up staying in 10 days so sent my husband home daily to get more supplies! Good luck with the birth. Amelia x

    1. Oh wow I didn't even think of those!!
      Thanks for commenting :)


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