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Pregnancy | Hospital Bags #1

So, now I've hit the 30 week mark it's time I started thinking about preparing my hospital bags. They recommend you have your bags all packed ready before 36 weeks, just incase you need to go in unexpectedly. The last thing you want is to end up going in early and having nothing prepared!!

There are many recommended lists out there to help you put your bags together. And lots to think about. You may have a quick and easy birth and be home the same day, many mums stay in hospital for one night after birth or you may have to stay in for a little while, so it can be hard to work out what to take. You don't want to take too much, neither do you want to get there and realise you don't have something, so try to find a balance. It may also be a good idea to keep extras and spares in the car incase you need them.

I've put together this list, that I've been working from, feel free to personalise it for yourself.

What should you pack for labour?
Maternity notes / Birth plan
Mobile phone & Charger
Dressing gown 
[a lightweight dressing gown is helpful in early labour or after birth]
Slippers or Socks
[feet can often get cold during labour]
Labour clothes
[to give birth in; remember it will probably get messy, so something you won't wear again. usually a nightdress, old tshirt or big comfy top, or vest tops/bikini top if planning a water birth]
Lip balm
[lips can dry out during labour, especially in a warm hospital or with the use of gas & air]
Snacks & Drinks
[for both you and your birth partner, you'll need to keep your energy levels up and hospital vending machines can be expensive; isotonic drinks and cereal bars are a good idea]
[things to help pass the time, help you relax, entertain you during a long labour]
[you'll probably want your hair tied back out of your face]
Water spray / Face mist
[to cool you down in labour, a moisturising face mist keeps your skin moisturised as well as to freshen up]

What should I pack for after?
Pyjamas or Nightshirt
[comfy clothes for after birth and overnight stays in hospital, preferably with front opening for easy feeding]
Nursing bras
Breast pads
Maternity pads
[you'll need a couple of packs]
[travel size are probably best; toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup wipes, moisturiser, unperfumed shower gel. etc]
[for shower after birth, preferably a dark one as may get messy]
[old, cheap or disposable; the stretchier and comfier the better]
Tissues/Wet wipes
[moist, unfragranced wipes are sometimes best to use after birth]
Going home clothes
[loose, comfortable clothing; maybe still maternity wear]

What should I pack for baby?
[approx. 3; preferably in a couple of sizes to be sure]
[as above]
[maybe a couple, a cellular & warmer blanket for wrapping baby up]
Nappies & Cotton wool balls
[in newborn size, a newborn will probably need changing approx 10 times a day, so take enough, you can always get OH to grab some more if you need to stay in. Cotton wool & water is recommended for newborns]
Muslin squares
[for feeding/burping]
Scratch mittens
[to prevent scratches]
[if planning to bottle feed]
Going home outfit
Car seat
[make sure you've had a little practise getting it in and out of the car before hand]

I'm going to put together 3 posts to show you the things in my hospital bags:
Hospital Bags #1 - Clothes [for during and after labour]
Hospital Bags #2 - Toiletries & other essentials
Hospital Bags #3 - Baby [clothes, essentials, feeding]

I'll also need to prepare a bag for Bradley as he'll need to be ready to go to my Mums at the drop of a hat when I go into labour.

So... Clothes [for during and after labour]

James & I had a little trip into town last week to pick up some bits for my hospital bags. We decided that since I hadn't got a lot of what was needed to hand, the best place was probably Primark.
I knew I'd be able to pick up the majority of what I needed in there super cheap so it doesn't matter if they get ruined, messy, or are only worn the once, or a few times. And some things I'd be able to use afterwards too.
Let me talk you through what I picked up...

(L-R Top-Bottom)

Rolling Stones stretchy lounge pants (£8.00) - for after birth, comfy PJ bottoms in a bigger size, for on the ward and maybe even at home afterwards.

Leopard print canvas bag (£1.50) - ideal for putting hospital bag essentials in.

2x lounge vest tops (£3.50 each) - comfy PJ vest tops in a bigger size, for on the ward and maybe even at home afterwards, in cream and grey, to go with the lounge pants. They also have easy access buttons at the top for easy feeding.

Minnie Mouse Vest/Pants set (£6.00) - I'm hoping for a water birth, so have bought these to maybe wear in the pool or just to stay cool in labour, I thought they were ideal. If not, I can always wear them for bed at home.

Leopard print slipper socks (£2.50) - I love slipper socks from Primark! I practically live in them at home. So I picked up a pair for my hospital bag to wear if my feet get cold in labour, or for on the ward afterwards.

2x packs of stretchy, high leg knickers (£4.50 each) - disposable knickers are nasty things, so I bought some cheap but comfy knickers that can be thrown away after use. I bought them in size 'mahoosive' lol.

Minnie Mouse Vest/Pants set (£5.00) - another vest/pants set to wear in water pool, during labour, or at home. 

Rolling Stones canvas bag (£3.00) - bigger bag for hospital bag essentials.

Polka dot cropped lounge pants (£5.00) - another pair of comfy PJ bottoms to wear after birth, on ward or at home.

Leopard print towel (£6.00) - I can't actually fit a normal size bath towel around my bump anymore, so I picked up this beach towel. It is fluffy, comfy and would be ideal if I was to have a water birth, or even to lie on during labour and I can use this after a shower, and can be thrown away if messy.

I'll pop in some comfy clothes, probably a pair of maternity leggings and vest top to come home in, and also a large tshirt/nightdress for if I'm not able to have a water birth. And a dressing gown too. Other than that, I think I'm pretty much organised for clothes.


Is there anything you think I'm missing??



  1. woow! you are prepared great girl! I remember packing my bag but in the end i was missing so many things, i guess i never researched enough and nurses didnt really help , but anyways all good luck to you! xx:)

    1. I was nowhere near prepared in my last pregnancy - so I wanted to make sure I was stress free and prepared as much as poss this time round :)
      Thanks hun!

  2. Looks like you have everything covered. I didn't even take my bags into the hospital in the end, I ended up leaving them in the car!

    1. I'm still yet to pack my toiletries and babies bag - must get that done soon! :)

    2. This is one of the best lists i have seen. I have had 2 babies and I reckon you have got it all covered. Good luck!!

  3. i smiled at your comment "they recommend to pack hospital bag by 36 weeks" my mw didnt want to give me the list until my home visit which was 36 weeks, i was on edge all these time as i wanted to get ready and as you can guess by 36 weeks i had nothing ready, thank god i didnt need it

    1. I was so unprepared last time, so being on maternity early this time I wanted to get myself organised before I get too big to move lol.

  4. My fave line in this post... "I bought them in size 'mahoosive' haha! You're super prepared, just the waiting game now! :)

    Thanks for linking to #babybabbe x

    1. Haha, everything is size mahoosive with me at the mo lol.

  5. Wow, you're certainly more prepared than I was for labour and hospital!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop!


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