Friday, 27 June 2014

Beauty | Limited Edition MAC Haul

So I've had a cheeky little MAC haul as a treat to myself as I've been feeling so rubbish about the way I look lately. I'm coming towards the end of my pregnancy and feeling as though I resemble an elephant. :(
I'm getting really uncomfortable & out of breath, with no energy, suffering with back ache, bump ache and SPD and feeling a bit sorry for myself. 
So I thought I'd treat myself to a few bits from MAC. 
I was a little bit naughty though and didn't purchase any essentials. I'm a bit of a sucker for a limited edition collection and some of the most recent ones have been fantastic. I LOVE the Osbourne's collections and have been waiting so long for the UK release of the Playland range! So, as it was simply a treat to cheer myself up, I thought I'd go BRIGHT and pick up some of the limited eds! :)

Let me show you what I went for...

MAC Playland Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour in For Your Amusement (£18.00)

I loved the look of the Playland collection and couldn't wait for it to be released here in the UK. It looks so bright and fun with its fab, playful colours. I chose a creamy lip and cheek colour, which is similar to a cream colour base but a lot more creamier, in For Your Amusement which is a bright pastel pink. It looks gorgeous on the lips, almost like a tinted lip balm, and the cream formula is really light and blend able on the cheeks for a cute, light pink tint, a lush highlighter that gives a lovely healthy glow when used alone, and a fab partnership on top of a pink blush for added sheen. Super cute!

Next up...

MAC Playland Lip Glass in Bright Side (£14.00)

Also from the Playland range, I picked up the bright yellow lip glass! I originally wanted to try the lipstick but it was out of stock so I settled on the lip glass instead. Isn't it such a fab colour? It makes me think of sunshine and sweets!! :) 

On application it looks creamy yellow / nude. I guess it is almost a clear gloss, but it definitely has a creamy yellow finish to it. It works great with a bright lip liner, or in the centre of the lips after lipstick, but the images below show you the gloss alone on natural lips.

And from the Osbourne range...

MAC Kelly Osbourne Kelly Lipstick in Dodgy Girl (£16.50)

There was a lot I had my eye on from both the Kelly & Sharon collections, but unfortunately they sold out pretty quickly and there wasn't much of the collection left. Every one of the Kelly lipsticks were sold out, except this one; Dodgy Girl, which is a bright lavender shade in matte consistency. I'd never normally go for this colour, but sticking to the bright theme I thought I'd give it a try, why not? I need to be a bit more experimental with my make up and step away from the nudes!! :) I thought this would look gorgeous teamed with the Kitschmas pigment on the cheeks or eyes! 
Look at how intense the colour is, isn't it gorgeous? It feels a lot more creamier than other matte lipsticks. I love the colour, and think it'll look fab for a splash of colour over the summer. Well done Miss Osbourne! :)

And lastly...

MAC Travel Size Sized To Go Fix + (£8.00)

Okay so I know this isn't from a limited edition range, but I love MAC's Fix+ for setting my make up and making my skin feel freshened up at the same time. I love the Sized To Go products, for trying out new products, for popping in my make up bag when travelling and just a cheaper way to top up on my favourite products, and at £8 I thought I'd pick up a Fix+ whilst I was at it :) I love the fresh smell of it and the staying power of my make up after a quick spritz of vitamins and minerals! :)

L-R: Playland For Your Amusement Cheek & Lip Colour, Kelly Osbourne Dodgy Girl Lipstick, Playland Bright Side Lip Glass

What have you picked up from MAC's collections lately?



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