Sunday, 30 March 2014

Pregnancy | 19 weeks

How far along? 
19 weeks.

Size of baby?

This week the baby is approx the size of a mango. [length wise]

Any news this week?

Nothing new this week, been feeling him move about each day which is reassuring. I took bump to it's first concert experience this week, he's clearly a Backstreet Boys fan already! Managed to stand at front row barrier for the whole show, I'm sure he was bouncing around in there! ;) 
And reaching my 20 week halfway milestone today is a great feeling!

I'm wearing leggings or maternity trousers with stretchy tops or maternity tops, normal clothing is out of the question now! Although I've been getting a lot of wear out of my AllSaints stuff this week, they're quite flattering with a bump! :)

haven't been using anything different this week. 

Nothing new, just tired and a bit achey now my bump is getting bigger.

Still sleeping pretty well, luckily!

Missing anything? 
Hmm, not really!

Yep, daily movements now.

Any purchases?:
We bought the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine this week as it was in the Babies R Us sale. My friends swear by this esp for night times!! It prepares a bottle at perfect temperature in less than 2 mins, so no having to leave baby screaming whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, cool etc. I hope to breastfeed at the very beginning if possible, but then will move onto the bottle, so this will come in handy!

Best moment this week:

Feeling his little movements each day.

Worst moment this week: 
The flu jab made me really poorly, I had a bad head, high temperature and flu like symptoms such as aches and pains, stuffy head and sore throat! Eugh :(

Food cravings:
Crisps. I've been wanting crisps a lot this week, I never normally eat crisps at all! Also, fruit salad! A few days this week I've cut up a huge bowl full of fruit and smothered it in yoghurt! Yum.

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Nope, nausea seems to be a thing of the past, THANKFULLY!!!

Belly Button in or out? 

In. But it's on it's way out, my scar from my key hole surgery is beginning to stretch and come to the surface, hopefully it doesn't stretch it too much! :/


Tired and emotional. I'm crying at anything at the mo!!

Looking forward to:

My 20 week scan on Friday. Although as it's such an important scan / check up, I'm quite anxious about this one. Fingers crossed all is going well! I'll fill you in next week!! 

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Beauty | MAC Cosmetics tag

I stumbled upon this tag post over on LippyLikes and since I'm a bit of a MAC addict, I thought I'd give it a go!
If like me you are a MAC fan then why not give it a go. The only rules are that you link back to this page in your post.

How long have you been using MAC?
I think I was about 17/18 when I used my first MAC product. So about 13 years. I used to buy it now and then, online and when I visited Birmingham. And when they opened a MAC store inside my local Debenhams a few years ago I was elated! :)

What was your first MAC product?
It was a lipstick, but I couldn't tell you which one. 

What is your favourite MAC product?
It's hard as I'm a huge MAC fan and nothing beats it! But if I had to choose my all time fave it has to be either Eye Kohl or Studio Tech - most definitely. I buy them over and over, and have done for absolutely years!

What's your least favourite MAC product?
Hmm, it was a foundation, a few years back. But cannot remember which one, I don't think it's available anymore. It didn't have great coverage and I didn't even finish the bottle before purchasing a different one. It was called something like Select?! I can't quite remember. 

Do you own a Pro Card?
Aren't they only available to professionals? 

Your MAC foundation shade:
I'm NW20. 

I love Shroom as a base colour, I buy this a lot. I couldn't choose from any others to be honest, they have a huge range and so many fab colours! I went through a stage at one point of picking one up every time I went in or ordered online, starting at the beginning of the alphabet [so I'd pick one that began with A, then B...] 

Ooh this is hard! I'm a big nude fan so I love Creme d'Nude, Blankety, Myth... etc. I wear these on a daily basis. Plink is a nice creamy pink colour in the summer. And Cherish is my fave autumnal shade. I love a good MAC lipstick, I rarely wear anything else. The creme sheen ones are gorgeous! 

Some that I use on a regular are Underage & C-Thru which are similar creamy nude lip glasses , and Culture Clash which is a sheer pink, almost glittery lip glass that looks nice over the top of a nude lipstick, or on its own. 

I've used the Smolder eye kohl for years and years, every single day without fail. I also use the Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in On The Hunt, but I want to try the Penultimate as I find I prefer a pen type liner for better precision. 

I currently don't own any MAC brushes as I like the Real Techniques range, I've been through 2 flat foundation brushes and both broke.

Nail Lacquer:
I don't really use their nail lacquer.

Pro Longwear Product:
I looove the pro long wear blushes, esp the beigey ones, I haven't used one in a while so may have to have a look next time I'm in.

Comment on the following MAC product; Have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep + Prime Skin:
I haven't used this before but I look at it a lot and wonder if its worth purchasing - has anyone used it??

Studio Sculpt Foundation:
I do like this, I usually use Studio Fix as a daily liquid foundation but I'm trying the Sculpt again next time, it's a really lovely, dewy finish.

Mineralize Skin Finish:
Huuuuge Skinfinish fan!! I'm a sucker for a limited edition and have to peel myself away from the new collections! I use the Natural, which is the perfect pressed powder for finishing a base. Then the Soft & Gentle shimmery finish, on a regular. I also love Adored, a lovely pinky highlighter finish.

Studio Fix Fluid:
This is my usual every day foundation. 

Studio Tech Foundation:
One of my most favourite beauty products ever! I can't sing it's praises enough. Ive used this product for as long as I can remember!! I've always got one on the go, repurchasing every time I hit the pan.

Studio Fix Powder:
It is a fab product, but I need more coverage than this gives alone.

Beauty Powder:
I'm not sure what this is?

Bronzing Powder:
They're nice bronzers and I do use them now and then, but I have found better in other brands.

Powder Blush:
The blushes are lush - I love Sunbasque, although I've hardly any left!

I've never used a Cremeblend if thats what you mean. 

Mineralize Blush:
As with the skin finishes, I'm easily sucked in my the pretty marble effect blushes. I use solar ray at the mo, it's a beauty!

Cream Color Base:
I do like a Cream Colour Base, I currently own Improper Copper and Hush. Hush is def my fave it's a perfect creamy highlighter that I use on cheek bones, brow bones and even lips.

Studio Sculpt Concealer:
I haven't tried this.

Select Cover Up Concealer:
I haven't tried this.

Studio Finish Concealer:
Yep, my every day concealer!

Tinted Lip Conditioner:
No, there are just as good high street dupes!!

We've done this haven't we? :)

I do like a lip glass, they look nice over the top of a lipstick.

I don't currently own any but have had in the past.

Cremesheen Glass:
Love love love!!!

Lip Gelee:
Haven't used these.

Lip Pencil:
I don't often use lip pencils.

LOVE pigments, they're so versatile! I own a couple at the mo, Tan & Kitschmas. But I want Vanilla or Naked!

Eye Kohl:
As mentioned, I use their Smolder eye kohl every day without fail and have done for years! No other kohl comes close for me!

haven't used this.

Lustre Drops:
don't know what these are?

False Lashes:
I've never tried their false lashes. 

ProLash Mascara, Zoom Lash Mascara, Plush Lash Mascara, Dazzle Lash Mascara:
I've tried the Zoom Lash, Plush Lash & Opulash, but my ultimate fave MAC mascara is the In Extreme Dimension in 3D.

What has been your favourite MAC collection to date?
Ooh I couldn't choose, there aren't many that I don't like the look of! :)

Your latest MAC purchase:
Bradley says we go into MAC 'every day', and I know some of the staff quite well, so I guess that tells me I'm there a lot! :) I did manage to only buy the 1 thing last time I went in though, which is quite an effort! I had to replace my EyeBrows pencil in Spiked.

Your next MAC purchase:
I need to pick up some Studio Sculpt and Extra Dimension Highlighter, it's currently out of stock so will have to pick some up in store. I think I also have 6 empties so will pop them back and pick up a new lipstick too.

If like me you are a MAC fan then why not give this tag a go. The only rule is that you link back to this page in your post.

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Pregnancy | 18 weeks

How far along? 
18 weeks.

Size of baby?

This week the baby is approx the size of a sweet potato. [length wise]

Any news this week?

Baby has been moving a lot more this week, he's a little fidget and I've been feeling full on kicks now rather than little twinges. 

My most favourite outfit this week is being able to get into my comfy lounging clothes on the weekend! Loving my Primark maternity lounge pants and top!

haven't been using anything different this week. 

Still really tired. Had my flu jab this week too, had a painful dead arm for a couple of days, a bad fever and cold symptoms. Eugh.

I can't get enough sleep at the mo. In bed for 8-9pm most nights. Pregnancy is much harder when you're older!! 

Missing anything? 
Hmm, not really!

As I said, he's moving around a lot more now, proper little kicks - I just can't wait till James can feel them! :)

Any purchases?:
I got home from work the other day to find my bed full of baby clothes. James was working a late shift, so had spent the morning shopping for baby. I was very proud that he'd bought a mixture of sizes right up to 6mths! Clever Daddy! :)

Best moment this week:

Feeling full on kicks! :)

Worst moment this week: 
The symptoms following the flu jab.

Food cravings:
I see something, like on the TV, and I want it. There and then!

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Haven't been too bad lately.

Belly Button in or out? 



Tired. Hormonal at times. But still pretty good all round.

Looking forward to:

My 20 week scan coming up in a couple of weeks.

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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Beauty | Putting Lipcare to the test

I never suffer with dry, chapped lips. Ever. Not even in the coldest weather. I've always looked after my lips, using lip care products everyday to protect and condition my lips and prevent them from becoming dry or chapped. 

Until now. Pregnancy hormones took over and took away all my good work and I've been left with a pair of dry lips. Gutted.

They are getting better, thankfully, thanks to some fab lip products and I've decided to put some lip care products to the test for you.

Over the next 5 days I will test out a different lip care product each day and let you know my thoughts.

So these are the lucky products I've decided to put to the test:

What I'll be looking out for:
  • Fragrance [does it smell yummy? is it a pleasure to apply?]
  • Packaging [simple to use? easy to carry around?]
  • How do my lips feel and look on application?
  • Lasting power [do I have to re-apply often?]
  • Price [is it worth the pennies?]
  • Most importantly, how did my lips feel and look at the end of the day [does it work!?]

DAY ONE: Classic Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm

Classic Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm (£2.65 / 75g)
'For fast relief of sore, dry or chapped lips, preventing damage caused by sun, cold and other harsh environments.'

First things first, the fragrance, for me, isn't great. It smells quite menthol-y, like Vicks vapour rub. It's not something that'll stop me using it, but it's not a product that I open and think 'Mmmm!' - Fragrance 3/5

The packaging is a cute little plastic pot, with a metal screw lid which contains the famous yellow and red Carmex logo. Easy access and easy to carry around in my handbag. The jar, although very cute, is also quite narrow; the product is full right up to the top of the jar, but I wonder how practical it will become when the product starts running out; will I be able to get to the product without getting my long nails stuck in it? - Packaging 4/5

On application, using my finger, the menthol feeling makes my lips feel clean and almost tingly as though the product is working straight away. It leaves a slight sheen on my lips, not at all greasy or shiny and I can get away with a natural lip look using this product alone, but it does sink in quite quickly. - Application 4/5

I can still feel the balm on my lips after an hour or so, it seems to need reapplying every few hours, although my lips still feel soft up to hours afterwards - Lasting Power 4/5

At £2.65 I think it's a perfect purse friendly price for a decent lip care product. 

- Price 4/5

After using the balm throughout the day, my lips feel soft and supple, although I can still feel some dry, chapped skin on my lips. Overall it's a good lip balm to reach for every few hours - Overall Performance 4/5

What I most like about this product...

It helps my lips to feel super moisturised and soft, all day.

What I least like about this product...

The smell isn't great, compared to others and it contains salicylic acid. Boo.

SCORE: 23/30

DAY TWO: Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips (£11.50 / 15ml) [3ml tester tube shown in image]
'An extremely versatile healing and nourishing balm that was originally developed as a nipple balm for breastfeeding women because of it's ultra hydrating, ultra thick, hypoallergenic & counterirritant properties.'

Dr Lipp prides itself on being 100% natural, meaning it is totally odourless. 
- Fragrance 5/5

The balm comes in a squeezy grey tube, but the product is quite thick so it doesn't come out messy at all, which is a big plus. I'd say the tube is quirky and stylish, I only have the tiny sample size tube, but at 15ml the normal size tube is still perfect size to carry around for daily use.  - Packaging 5/5

At normal room temperature, the product comes out in quite a thick consistency and smooths onto the lips using my fingers beautifully. It sinks in, leaving a gorgeous glossy finish that isn't too sticky. I automatically feel any dry skin soften and the glossy finish means I don't have to use lipstick or gloss on top. - Application 4/5

I probably only reapplied it about 3 times all day, after eating. It has amazing lasting power, I can constantly feel it on my lips, they feel real soft and smooth. And the glossiness lasts super long, a lot longer than most lip glosses, which is amazing!! - Lasting Power 5/5

At £11.50, this lip balm is pretty pricey compared to the others. But it's more than just a lip balm. Think Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. The beauty and skincare uses are endless. To be honest, I haven't yet used it for anything else other than on my lips but I think it's a fab little product, works great as a lip gloss and I'd be happy to pay the price, personally. Although for others it may be a little expensive for a lip product.  - Price 3/5

I cannot fault it, it's amazing. My lips feel soft and smooth, totally changes the feel of the dry, chapped area and I can't get over how long the glossiness lasts for. - Overall Performance 5/5

What I most like about this product...
It's a multi-use product, completely natural and free from nasty parabens. I LOVE the glossy finish it leaves, for a perfect natural lip look. It's almost a fantastic softening, smoothing lip product, protecting and nourishing my lips, and a lip gloss in one. Perfect. 

What I least like about this product...
Hmm, I'm trying hard to find a negative about this product. Literally being picky here but the only thing I can think of is the fact that the product is in a tube, therefore having to use my fingers to apply the thick, sticky product to my lips.

SCORE: 27/30

DAY THREE: The Bakewell Soap Company Luscious Lips in Mixed Berries

'Crafted from a blend of butters and oils and plump with moisture. With added natural vitamin e and essential nutrients to help guard against chapping and cracked lips.'

The scent of this lip balm is one of the yummiest things I've smelt in a while. And the smell lasts a fair while too. The balms come in an array of flavours, the one I'm using is Mixed Berries, which is a super sweet, yummy, berry flavour. - Fragrance 5/5

This balm is in a stick form, a plain white tube with the colourful logo sticker and  very easy to carry around. - Packaging 3/5

It is super easy to apply, applying directly to the lips with no need to use fingers. On application the product feels soft and smoothing, not at all greasy or sticky. - Application 5/5

Although my lips feel soft throughout the day, I had to apply it a few times as it sunk into my lips pretty quickly. - Lasting Power 3/5

The Bakewell Soap Company is a handmade, homemade company so products are only available online. At £3.45 it's a pretty good price for a lip product. P&P is £2.95 so it'd make sense to pick up a few goodies to make it worthwhile :) - Price 4/5

I love the smell and my lips feel soft throughout the day, but I can still feel the dry, chapped bits on my lips. - Overall Performance 4/5

What I most like about this product...
The smell is amazing, its a pleasure to use as the smell is so yummy! I love how easy it is to apply without getting sticky fingers!! It doesn't contain nasty parabens or phthalates! Big plus!

What I least like about this product...
It doesn't last as long as others. 

SCORE: 24/30

DAY FOUR: Balmi Lip Balm in Coconut

'The cube shaped Balmi Lip Balm has been designed to not only provide moisturisation for your lips but also protection from harmful UVA rays.'

Balmi lip cubes come in 4 flavours, I have the coconut one. It smells of yummy, fresh coconut, not too over powering but just enough to think 'yum!'- Fragrance 5/5

I love the cube packaging! A simple, white cube with the Balmi logo embossed into the plastic. Super easy to carry around! - Packaging 5/5

Balmi have designed them to be easy to apply, with the conical shaped balm, it is a pleasure to apply to the lips, without messy fingers. It's really creamy and smooth on application, applies to both lips at the same time and feels lovely on the lips, leaving a lovely sheen thats not at all greasy. - Application 5/5

Unfortunately the lasting power isn't great. It only lasts a short time before the lips feel dry and need reapplying. That said, the softness is long lasting, its just a shame the moisturisation doesn't last as long. - Lasting Power 3/5

At £4.99, I think it's a pretty purse friendly price for this quirky lip product. - Price 4/5

I love the shape, the quirkiness and the feel of this product. It's a pleasure to use and smells fab. It's just a shame it doesn't last as long as others. - Overall Performance 3/5

What I most like about this product...
The look, the shape, the ease of use, the yummy flavour and the fact it provides UVA protection are all big positives. 

What I least like about this product...
It doesn't last as long as some others, before having to be reapplied.

SCORE: 25/30

DAY FIVE: Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter 

'Functional and stylish, Vaseline Lip Therapy helps maintain the skins natural moisture barrier to form a protective shield between your lips and the elements.'

I LOVE the smell of cocoa butter, it's one of my favourite smells in beauty products! It's just... YUM! So top marks for fragrance! - Fragrance 5/5

Lip Therapy come in cute little tins, with the legendary Vaseline logo. Really easy to carry around, the lid slips of really nicely to reveal a creamy, petroleum jelly, that my fingers fit into nicely. I can smooth some product onto my fingers without them getting too messy - Packaging 4/5

Using my fingers, the product smooths onto my lips nicely, leaving a nice, healthy sheen, that's not at all greasy, but a slight creamy feel. - Application 5/5

The moisturisation stays on the lips for quite a while, but the feel of the product sinks into the skin quite quickly, so I find myself re-applying the product quite often. - Lasting Power 3/5

At £2.18, it's VERY purse friendly. You can't really go wrong for that price! - Price 5/5

I own pretty much every flavour from the Vaseline range, it's such a cheap and easy lip product that smell great, feel great and are perfect for carrying round for touch ups. It leaves a lovely feel on the lips, but it does need reapplying quite often. - Overall Performance 4/5

What I most like about this product...
The yummy smell and the creamy feel.

What I least like about this product...
It needs reapplying quite often.

SCORE: 26/30

So, going by the scores I've given the lip products after trialling them all over the past 5 days, my favourite is...

5th - Classic Carmex Moisturising Lip Balm
4th - The Bakewell Soap Company Luscious Lips in Mixed Berries
3th - Balmi Lip Balm in Coconut
2nd - Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter
1st - Dr Lipp Original Nipple Cream for Lips

Which is your favourite lip product?

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Pregnancy | 17 weeks

How far along? 
17 weeks.

Size of baby?

This week the baby is approx the size of an onion. [length wise]

Any news this week?

We went for our private gender scan this week at Miracle In Progress, it's such a lovely place - the staff are so friendly. It's the 2nd time we've been and we'll definitely be back there in a few weeks. We took Bradley with us, to let him feel more involved with the pregnancy, he was really excited all week! Everyone was so convinced I was having a girl, it was a bit of a shock when I spotted that it was undoubtedly a boy on the screen!! So yes, it's Team Blue for us!! :)

I've been living in baggy All Saints tops and leggings, my maternity trousers & shift dresses this week. We sorted my wardrobe out last weekend, begrudgingly! We had to move furniture round in the bedroom as the baby will be in with us for a while, so James thought it was perfect timing to sort my wardrobe out... sorting through your size 8 clothing whilst fat and pregnant is devastating!! I threw a lot out, and vacuum packed some bits that I'm hoping to get back into soon afterwards! ;)

Cusson's Mum & Me Bump Cream & The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Body Butter are still my favourites for moisturising the bump!

Just tiredness really! Super tired!

I'm struggling to sleep properly at the mo, but only due to the weather change making James snore his head off all night!! Grr! I spend the majority of the night pushing him back onto his side! Then I really struggle to get back to sleep!

Missing anything? 
Hmm, not really!

I feel the odd squirmy movement every now and then, beginning to be every day now. 

Any purchases?:
After the scan, we had to nip into Asda so we bought a couple of blue bits! And this weekend Bradley and I picked up some cute little romper suits from Next! :)

Best moment this week:

The scan, finding out what we're having and seeing our little man moving around on the screen. :)

Worst moment this week: 
Realising we can't actually think of one boys name we like! 

Food cravings:
Nothing too bad, still craving a bit of fizzy pop every day tho!

Anything making you queasy or sick:

Just now and again when travelling.

Belly Button in or out? 



Tired. Hormonal at times. But still pretty good all round.

Looking forward to:

End of term!! Need a rest!

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