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Beauty | SensatioNail Gel Deluxe Starter Kit

I was pretty intrigued about the SensatioNail kit when I first heard about it. A home gel nail polish kit. Hmm, I'll pop that on my WishList!!

As my fab boyfriend James, bought me pretty much the whole of my WishList for Christmas [almost! ;)] I received the SensatioNail Gel Deluxe Starter Kit and couldn't wait to try it out!
Unfortunately, since I've been so poorly since Christmas, I haven't had the chance to try it out until now.

So, let's see how we get on...

SensatioNail say...
'You have better things to do than your nails. Do you love the look of polish, but find it chips within a day or two? Have you ever gotten a manicure and then reached for your keys and ruined it? Now you can get a sensationally shiny, sensationally stunning, sensationally sturdy 2-week manicure with SensatioNail. Nails are 100% dry and you're ready for action. Even after 2 weeks your colour is still stunning and super-shiny. It's SensatioNail.'

Okay so after that cheesy lil spiel, I'm expecting big things. ;)
Inside the Starter Kit is a PRO 3060 LED Lamp, a removal tool, manicure stick, double sided nail buffer, a pack of 12 lint free wipes, gel cleanser, gel primer, a gel base and top coat and 2 colour gel polishes in a lovely on trend 'sugar plum' berry shade and a neutral, sandy 'taupe tulips' which is one of my fave nail shades so I was super happy they had this inside. It also includes an easy to follow instruction sheet for application and soak-off removal. 

I set everything out in front of me, then following the instructions, I got to work. It was a quick and easy process - buff and clean nails, apply base coat, pop under lamp for 30 seconds, apply colour, pop under lamp for 60 seconds, apply top coat, pop under lamp for 30 seconds then gently sweep a gel cleaner soaked wipe across nails - ta dahhh!!! 

TIP - I will say, although they advise to use the lamp for 30/60 seconds, keep them in for longer if you can. The lamp includes an alarm that sounds after 30 seconds, but I'd say keep them in for longer, until the lamp turns itself off or maybe for 60 seconds for all stages, as I found my nails to still be quite sticky on removal, so I put them in for another round and they dried much better.

I was left with really nice, shiny nails. So exactly what I was after. The only thing I need to work on is my application!! *hangs head in shame*
All in all I'm pretty happy with the kit, the finish and how easy it was to use.

The only thing now is to check the staying power. I shall update you all in 2 weeks!!

Would I repurchase?
So far, I'm happy and providing it does last almost 2 weeks, I'll definitely be adding more to my collection and using the kit more often. James also bought another gel colour polish in 'mi amor' which is a peachy colour - so I'm looking forward to trying that one out too!

Would I recommend?
I'll let you know how I get on! Watch this space!!

There are a variety of starter kits to choose from, ranging in price from £69.00 to £170.00 on the official website. Or everything is available to purchase separately. 
Gel colour polishes are easily available online or in Boots stores (£12.50 each) in an array of colours and finishes, with their ranges always growing, so you can add to your collection and leave your boring bog standard nail polishes on the shelf!!

Check out or for a cheeky nose!!

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