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#TheSkinProject - Exfoliate

Welcome to my third post of #TheSkinProject - founded and set up by myself. 

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So let's talk Exfoliating...

Exfoliate - verb  /eksˈfəʊ.li.eɪt/  to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, in order to improve it's appearance.

Why is exfoliating important?

We get older, yet cell regeneration slows down, meaning our skin isn't as fast at shedding dead skin cells and creating new ones. So we need a little help! This is where exfoliation comes in! 
Old skin cells piling up onto the skin can leave it looking dull and dry and can sometimes result in clogged pores and excess oil which in turn can lead to blemishes and acne. 
Exfoliation of our skin helps remove the old skin cells to make way for new ones, which leaves the skin ready for other products such as our moisturiser, allowing it to penetrate deeper once the pores are clear and skin is fresh, allowing them to work more effectively. For clearer, fresher, softer, healthier skin - exfoliation is a must!
Be gentle when exfoliating, you don't want to over scrub your face. Once a week is enough, although there are gentler exfoliators suitable for daily use. And remember to follow with moisturiser so your skin doesn't dry out afterwards. 

Types of exfoliator:

Scrubs - usually contain grainy particles, sugar & salt scrubs are popular, focuses on surface cells, good for oily & normal skin
Creams - contain tiny exfoliating beads, focuses on surface cells, good for sensitive skin, can be used more than once a week as usually quite gentle, good for normal skin
Chemicals - usually contain alpha-hydroxy acids, sinks into skin to target deeper layers, available in 'peels', helps firm & tighten skin, good for dry & normal skin
Enzymes - dissolves dead skin cells without scrubbing, good for sensitive skin
Microdermabrasion - a mixture of fine, sand like substance made of zinc oxide or aluminium oxide crystals, usually available in spas, good for normal skin
Brush/Glove -  gentle specially made brushes or exfoliating gloves for gentle exfoliation by massage


If you read my Cleansing post, you'll remember that I mentioned I used the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (£40.30) as my morning cleanser, without fail every day. It is a really gentle rice-based powder which activates on contact with water to create a creamy paste which when massaged onto the face leaves my skin feeling loads smoother and brighter. It's one of my holy grail products that I wouldn't be without! It contains Papain, Salicylic acid and rice enzymes which micro-exfoliate dead skin cells. 

Once a week, I also use Lush's Angel On Bare Skin (£6.35) which they advertise as a cleanser, as the solid ingredients turn into a cleansing milk like substance on contact with water, but I feel it much more an exfoliator. When I massage the textured product into my skin I can feel it gently scrubbing and it really balances out my skin tone. It's another gorgeous product that I repurchase every time it runs out! 

So, that's my take on Exfoliators. Join me next week to talk Toners
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  1. I have not tried the Lush On Bare Skin but I have heard great things about it! I definitely want to try it now (: Great post!

  2. I've had really bad acne at the moment and my beautician recommended Dermalogica. I've got the medi back kit and I really like it. I think its starting to help.

    Great post!


  3. We're loving reading these posts #TheSkinProject - such a great idea Lianne. So helpful & informative :-)

    x Roch & Tash x


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