Thursday, 28 November 2013

TV | Samantha Who?

I love getting into a new Netflix series. After a busy day with work, house work, mummy duties and squeezing in a social life, I love nothing more than an early night snuggling into my duvet and relaxing with a bit of telly entertainment!!


I stumbled upon 'Samantha Who?' and was soon hooked. 
'Samantha Who?' is an American sitcom featuring Christina Applegate, who I've loved since I watched 'The Sweetest Thing' back in 2002. It was co-created and produced by Cecelia Ahern who wrote my favourite ever book 'PS I Love You' and is Nicky Byrne's (Westlife) sister in law - random fact for you there! ;)

So, the programme is based around a 30-year old woman called Samantha (Christina Applegate) who develops retrograde amnesia after a car accident. 
Sam wakes up not knowing anything about herself or her past or anything about the people around her.
Before the accident she was a seemingly selfish, self obsessed and pretty unlikeable but successful business woman. She wakes up a much better person and sets out to become a nicer daughter, friend and girlfriend whilst dealing with flashbacks from the past and her memory starting to come back. 


Well I loved it, it's laugh out loud funny and a great story line too. It has a fab line up of characters and is the perfect balance between being a perfect comedy and following a story of reinvention, relationships and self reflection. 
Christina Applegate plays the role perfectly,  and her on - off boyfriend played by Barry Watson, was rather cute! ;)

Would I Recommend It?
I think it's a real girly series, but there are plenty of laughs and some eye candy to keep your other halves happy too! There are 2 series to enjoy, so if you enjoy a funny and charming comedy, def give it a watch!!


'Samantha Who' is currently available to watch on Netflix.

Have you seen 'Samantha Who'?
Any recommendations on any other Netflix series I can get into??



  1. Aw sounds like a good old girly fix. I think I might have actually watched a few episodes of this ages ago or something but from your post sounds like it's worth revisiting. Thanks for your comment on my blog by the way :) x

    1. Yeh think it was on Channel 4 a while back, is a series worth getting into tho :)

  2. I've been looking for a new programme to watch! I'll have a look on Netflix tonight and see if I like it :) xx


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