Tuesday 29 October 2013

Starting Out: Tools

Welcome to my tenth, and LAST, post of 'The Starting Off Project' - founded and set up by Stephanie from Steph's Inside Voice.

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Starting Off - Eyeshadow

Starting Off - Lips

So, we've prepped and primed our skin with our skincare routine, covered our blemishes with our concealer, applied our foundation, bronzed and contoured and popped a little colour onto our cheeks, beautified our eyes and then finished our look by making our lips look prettiful! :)

Now let's talk: Tools...

Good makeup application is down to decent products, practice and GOOD TOOLS!
The makeup brushes you use play a BIG part in the overall finish of your application. So step away from the tacky foam wands, put those fingers away... And invest in some decent tools!

My tools and brushes live in this Soap&Glory cosmetic & brush bag, they do a similar one here

I'll go through some tools available and show you what I use...

Foundation Brush - these come available in a few different types, usually flat or tapered brushes with packed tight bristles for smooth application of fluid foundations. Blending sponges are also available for great foundation application. Strippling brushes or duo fibre brushes are also great multi-taskers, amazing for buffing and blending liquid, cream or powder products. I need to get my hands on one, as I don't currently have one in my collection. [But it's on my Wishlist ;) ]
I currently use this Real Techniques Expert Face Brush to apply my foundation. It's an amazing brush - I'm a fan of the RT brushes, they're multi-functional & cruelty free. I use this one to apply and buff my foundation and get really great results. I also use this to apply and blend my contour.

Concealer Brush - Usually a soft but firm bristled, flat brush with a rounded or tapered/pointed tip for applying concealer to under eyes or any blemishes or discolouration, and easily blend. 
I use this fab bright pink Topshop Conceal Brush.

Powder Brush - A big, soft, fluffy, rounded brush to easily load with powder and distribute evenly over the face. Can be used for both loose or packed powders and also bronzers, powder highlighters, any powder products. There are also small, chunky brushes called kabuki's, they're usually thick, bundled and are designed to apply mineral make up in circular movements.
I use this Real Techniques Powder Brush  to apply my powders and skin finishes, it's super soft and I love buffing with this huge brush.

Blush or Angled Brush - Usually a round or angled head of fine, soft, long, gentle fibres to apply blush to the apples of the cheeks, without disturbing the base. 
I use this Urban Decay Good Karma Blush Brush below which doesn't look as fluffy as normal as it had not long been deep-cleaned and was still drying. I use this to apply my blusher to the apples of my cheeks, it's a gorgeous fluffy brush. Below that is another brush I sometimes use for blush, it's from a brush set, it has softer, less firm fibres so it's nice for a smaller, gentler application I often use for a sweep of shimmer.

Fan Brush - Fine but firm hairs in a fan shape, designed to be used to apply powder in a soft, velvety effect, apply blush to the cheekbones and clean up excess powder or highlighter. It's another multi-tasker! I got this fan brush as part of a set, I've had it about 2 years so I can't remember the brand.

Spiral Eyebrow/Eyelash Brush - This in effect is a mascara wand, used to tame unruly hairs and groom brows. You could also use to brush through your lashes to remove clumps. But I wouldn't use for both, or if you choose to, make sure you clean after each use; you don't want mascara in your brows!! :)  I use this one, from the same set to brush through my brows once I've done them.

And below is my collection of eye brushes... [and theres a lip brush thrown in there too ;)]
They're a mixture of Real Techniques, The Body Shop & those of the brush set I mentioned, big ones small ones, fine ones, firm ones, shadow ones, crease ones, liner ones and brow ones. ;)

Other tools in my collection include:  eyelash curlers, tweezers, a pencil sharpener to keep my liners sharp and a facial hair trimmer, which I use on my eyebrows or for any other emergency hair removal! ;)

Now, to keep your tools in tip top condition and to keep them germ and bacteria free, it's very important to regularly clean them. A few weeks ago I asked Twitter how often they cleaned their brushes as I wasn't sure if I was cleaning them regularly enough, the results were quite different. 
But this is my routine...

I spot-clean my brushes twice a week using MAC Brush Cleaner (£10.00) and then give them a deep clean fortnightly with a shampoo such as Johnson's Baby Shampoo (£1.00).

Spot Cleaning My Brushes...
To spot clean my brushes I use an old flannel, I have a few old baby flannels and a mitten style flannel which I use solely for brush cleaning. I pour a little brush cleaner onto the flannel then gently swirl each brush into the liquid, in circular movements or back and forth to remove all product. Using this method means the brush doesn't get too wet so can be used almost straight away. I've yet to find a brush cleanser better than MAC's! I do this twice a week, although if you have a breakout it may be best to do it daily, as you'll only be spreading the bacteria back onto your face the next day, which won't help your skin to clear up!

Spot Cleaning

Deep-Cleaning My Brushes...
When deep-cleaning my brushes I fill a small bowl with lukewarm water. I pour a little baby shampoo into the palm of my hand and swirl the brush into the shampoo to create a lather, before rinsing in the lukewarm water and then swirling the brush onto a clean, dry towel, gently re-shaping the bristles before placing them on a towel to dry. I try to fold the towel a few times at the base of the brushes, so they're on a slant facing downwards. This is to ensure that water doesn't run down into the metal part or handle of the brush, as it may damage the fibres or break down the glue that holds the bristles together, resulting in hair loss. This is also important to remember when cleaning your brushes in or under water! I leave the brushes to dry for a few hours, or overnight if possible so they're ready to use the next day.

Deep Cleaning

That's my take on make up tools. Join me next week to talk.. Oh wait, that's it!!
Well I'd like to thank Steph for creating this fab project, to all the other bloggers I've met along the way that have posted some fantastic posts as part of this project. I've really, really enjoyed being part of it. I've learnt lots, and I hope that my readers have gained something from my posts too! :)
Remember to use the twitter hashtag #theSOproject to read more Tools posts from the 120+ other bloggers taking part in this project.

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Friday 25 October 2013

Home | Yankee Candles - Seasonal Lust List

I'm a big Yankee Candles fan, I love a smelly candle! And Yankee Candles win, hands down, at making my home smell amazing!! 
The long-lasting fragrance and super cute jars make Yankee Candles a must have in my home, for burning in the evenings. The small glass jars are the perfect size, and look super cute too. 
Particularly in this weather, I love nothing more than closing the curtains, slipping into a onesie, lighting a candle and relaxing with my boys.

I'm just coming to the end of my Summer Scoop candle, and since we're heading towards the Christmas season, I thought I'd take a look at the seasonal fragrances on offer this year...

These are some of the candles I want to get my hands on...

Whoopie Pie! (£16.99/MediumJar) - 'Mmmmm! Creamy vanilla frosting meets moist, rich, chocolate for a treat that is so real you may want to lick your fingers!' How amazing does that sound?? Snuggling up on a winters evening with the smell of chocolate cake in the background, yum! Might satisfy my cake craving too! ;) Disappointed they're not available in a small jar though?!

Christmas Cupcake (£6.29/SmallJar) - 'An irresistible treat … rich, moist vanilla cupcake covered with sweet buttery holiday icing.' I had this last Christmas, it smells amazing!! Wrapping the presents with a backdrop of yummy Christmas cake in the background. You're sensing a theme now right? What can I say, I love cake ;)

Christmas Eve (£8.39/SmallJar) - 'Traditional Christmas scents of a warm hearth, sugared plums, and candied fruits.' I've always wanted to try one of these to burn on Christmas eve whilst snuggling up with my boys getting excited! I'd love to make it a tradition, to burn it every Christmas Eve, so that that exact smell holds exciting Christmas Eve memories. I might pick up a sampler or tart rather than the big jar to burn as it's just for one evening.

Cinnamon Stick (£6.29/SmallJar) - 'The fragrant mystery of imported cinnamon bundled with cloves.' I think this will smell gorgeous during the Autumn evenings!

Salted Caramel (£8.39/SmallJar) -  'Sweet surrender is yours with our luscious gourmand confection of burnt sugar, sea salt and smooth vanilla caramel.' Another I think will smell deliciously lovely on an Autumns evening! I think we've gathered I have a massive sweet tooth. :) 

Snowflake Cookie (£8.39/SmallJar) -  'A new Christmas tradition that is sure to charm: perfectly pretty holiday cookies, deliciously decorated with sugary pink icing.' How cute is this one? I imagine this to smell of homemade cookies with a hint of sweet icing - YUM! 

Merry Marshmallow (£8.39/SmallJar) - 'It's a marshmallow world at Christmas! Find happiness in a delightfully luscious and creamy soft concoction of marshmallow and vanilla.' Mmmm marshmallows! Imagine sitting there in a room smelling of vanilla marshmallows!! All the pleasure without the calories! ;)

Strawberry Buttercream (£8.39/SmallJar) - 'Yum … an absolutely luscious treat of plump, sweet strawberries buried in rich whipped cream.' One of my favourites! I've had this one quite a few times, strawberries and cream, such a nice smell!!

Visit yankeecandle.co.uk for many more fragrances and sizes.

Are you a fan of Yankee Candles? Which ones are you hoping to get your hands on this season??

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Thursday 24 October 2013

Kids | Lush's FUN


Bradley & I are big Lush fans, we love a Lush haul. While I'm picking up my usual favourites, Bradley can usually be found chatting to the assistants trying out new stuff! 

Back in September, during a lil Lush haul, Bradley had stumbled across 'FUN'.

FUN is a fab, 4 in 1 multi-purpose bath time product aimed towards children [and those young at heart]. It in effect is 'play dough' in which you can also clean yourself with. AMAZING!


Lush say...
'Brand new FUN invention. 4 in 1 multi-purpose. For hair, for body, for bath, for fun! 5 unique fragrances, fight bath time boredom, preservative free, create anything.'

We picked up a red [I'm going to argue orange ;)] one and Bradley couldn't wait to get it home and use it. The red [orange] one is packaged with mandarin and orange essential oils for a super sweet, orange-y fragrance.
It's a fab little product. It is a soft, mouldable play dough in a biodegradable cellophane packet, making it easy to stay fresh and store, then recycle the packaging afterwards.
Break a little off and run under the hot tap for bubbles and coloured water, break off some more to mould and model into whatever you wish and then clean yourself with it afterwards. Genius!
Bradley has enjoyed making play dough style models, writing messages on the side of the bath with it and then smells of yummy sweet smelling oranges afterwards.
I think it's a fabulous idea to make bath time fun for young children, entice them into the bath and encourage them to clean themselves properly. 
You can actually use this nifty little product to clean anything, toys, dolls, bikes, anything! It's super safe so let your kids go wild and turn it into a play thing too!! :)

Bradley says...
'It was really good, I loved the smell and that it was mouldable. I liked making messages on the bath and I loved making models of me and my family. I would get it again because it was really fun.'

Would I Recommend It?
If you have young children, then most definitely. It's so much fun for the kids, they'll love it I promise you. Plus, knowing your children are cleaning themselves with fresh, preservative free products is a huge bonus. If you struggle to get your kids into the bath, or are looking for something to make bath time fun, give it a go! Happy, clean kids. Happy Mummy. Great smelling bathroom! ;)

Would I Repurchase?
Yes, I think theres no doubt we'll be picking up another in another colour next time we're in Lush! 

FUN are available to purchase in 5 different colours and fragrances (pink, blue, red, green & yellow) in Lush stores and online, at £5.00 each. 10p from each bar will go towards the Fukushima Disaster. 


Tuesday 22 October 2013

Starting Out - Lips

Welcome to my ninth post of 'The Starting Off Project' - founded and set up by Stephanie from Steph's Inside Voice.

Catch up on my previous posts:
I'm Part of #theSOproject... Are you?
Starting Off - Skincare
Starting Off - Concealer
Starting Off - Foundation
Starting Off - Bronzer
Starting Off - Blusher
Starting Off - Mascara

Starting Off - Eyeliner

Starting Off - Eyeshadow


So, we've prepped and primed our skin with our skincare routine, covered our blemishes with our concealer, applied our foundation, bronzed and contoured and popped a little colour onto our cheeks, beautified our eyes...

Now let's talk: Lips...

So, we're going to look at the 4 types of lip products - lip care, lip pencils, lipstick & lipgloss. Forgive me for starting the obvious, but we're 'starting out' here right? :)


Lip Care: 

It's really important not to forget to care for our lips. They need to be exfoliated, hydrated and smoothed to stay healthy, in tip top condition, and be the perfect base for all those lovely lip colours. They need some extra TLC in the colder months, so don't neglect them! There are many things on the market to help look after those lips; lip scrubs, lip serums, lip balms & lip treatments. Find what works for you.

Lip Pencils:

A lip pencil, or lip liner can help define the lip. It helps to make the lips appear bigger, or even smaller, give them more shape or look fuller. It also works to keep lip colour in place, minimise lipstick 'bleeding'. It is important to use a lip pencil as close to the lip colour, or slightly darker to give more dimension. But be careful it's not too dark, make sure it works well alongside your lip colour.


Lipstick is a type of make up applied to the lips, in a coloured, solid stick, to colour and moisturise our lips. They are available in an array of shades and finishes such as satin, matte, stain, shimmer, glossy, creamy... etc. 

Lip Gloss: 

This is a type of make up applied to the lips to make them appear glossier, shinier and smoother. They also are available in an array of shades, although compared to lipsticks, lip glosses provide a more subtle finish. They usually come in tubes and are of sticky consistency.


These are the lip products in my collection...
[Apologies for the poor image quality - the light was awful & I was running out of time! :(]

My Lip Care Collection

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy (£1.99) My trusty Vaseline sits on my bedside table & I use this every night after my night time skincare routine!
Superdrug Little Pink Tin (99p) This lip tin sits in my make up box & I use it if I'm going for a natural make up look, or over the top of a lip pencil.
TheBodyShop Born Lippy Satsuma Shimmer (£2.00) This smells amazing, I use it a lot in the summer! 
Figs&Rouge Cherry Blossom Lip Balm (£4.95) I love this, it smells fab & is really nourishing!
Oh! Organics Mandarin Lip Balm (£2.75)* This lives in my handbag, as the weather is getting colder, my lips need a quick fix when they're feeling dry.
Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips (£11.50) I received this in a beauty box but have yet to try it out, it's meant to be fab tho - for moisturising lips & so many other things!
Nivea SOS Lip Relief (£3.39) I originally bought this for Bradley when his lips were dry and cracked last winter. It's a really intensive lip treatment for very dry, chapped lips. It's really good stuff!

My Lip Pencil Collection

Dolce & Gabbana Precision Lip Liner in #4 Dahlia (£19.65)* A dark brown lip liner with brush for smudging. I like to wear this all over the lips with a lip balm or clear gloss over the top. 
Dolce & Gabbana Precision Lip Liner in #2 Warm (£19.65)* A warm brown lip liner with brush for smudging. I like to wear this all over the lips with a lip balm or clear gloss over the top.
MeMeMe Lip Liner Pencil in Nude (No longer available) This is a nice one that goes with a neutral, beigey lipstick or gloss, but I don't use lip pencils all that often.

My Lipstick Collection #1

Accesorize Intense Colour Lipstick in Obsessed (£5.00)* A nice, creamy lipstick in a dark beigey shade.
MAC Lipstick in Gel (£15.00) This 'frost' nude lipstick gives a nice shimmery, sheer metallic beige finish.
MAC Lipstick in Pink Plaid (£15.00) This 'matte' lipstick gives a cute dirty-pink lip.
Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Creme Brûlée (£5.99)* I LOVE this - my best friend bought me this, it's a buttery balm that hydrates and softens the lips giving a soft nude colour too, perfect in this weather - although I wish the colour lasted a little longer.
Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Amped (£4.99) This matte, neon pink lipstick I wore on a fancy dress 80's night, it's a bit bright for normal day wear ;)
MAC Lipstick in Creme d'Nude (£15.00) One of my most worn, I've been buying and wearing this gorgeous cremesheen lipstick for years, it's creamy, long lasting and a lovely nude, peach beige colour. Firm favourite.

My Lipstick Collection #2

TheBodyShop ColourGlide Lip Colour (£10.00) (Shade Discontinued) This is a matte, browny shade that's pretty long lasting but I don't use it too often as it doesn't smell too great.
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipshine in Boy (£24.00) Another favourite, this creamy, glossy lipstick is a cute dark pink colour.
MAC Lipstick in Plink! (£15.00) This 'lustre', creamy lipstick is a warm seashell pink colour.
Yves Rocher Moisturising High Concentration Lipstick in Framboise (£6.95) A bright red lip, I only really go for this on the odd night out, as I prefer nudes and beiges for day time look, this red is really intense which can be a little scary, but it's a really moisturising lipstick!
W7 Lipstick in Champagne (£2.45)* Considering this is such a cheap lipstick, it's currently one of my most-used, it's a gorgeous creamy lipstick that's pretty long lasting, moisturising and a lovely colour!
MAC Lipstick in Cherish (£15.00) This 'satin' soft-muted dark, peachy-beige is nice for a darker, autumn-ey lip!
Stargazer Lipstick in #132 (£3.50)* I've yet to try out this dark red lipstick.

My Lip Gloss Collection

MAC Plushglass in Nice Buzz (£17.50) Love this shimmery, light gold & pearly gloss!
MAC Lipglass Viva Glam in Gaga (Discontinued) A creamy, baby pink gloss.
Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Grapefruit (£16.00) This blue-pink gloss is almost clear on the lips and super hydrating!
Avon Plump Pout Lipgloss in Pink Pucker (£6.00) This sheer pink gloss really does tingle on the lips and gives a fuller look!
Rimmel Vinyl Lip Gloss in Red Ginger (£4.99) This gloss is an intense red shade, it doesn't come out too often! ;)
Avon Plump Pout Lipgloss in Nude Pout (£6.00) This creamy, nude pink gloss really does tingle on the lips and gives a fuller look!
Accessorize Intense Colour Lipgloss in Spirit (£4.00)* My current favourite lipgloss, its a super creamy nude pink colour that smells like melted caramel, yum!!
Barry M Glossy Tubes in Flamingo Pink (£3.99)* This goes on almost clear, I wear it over my favourite lipsticks.
Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked (£13.00)* This came with my Naked2 Palette & lives in my handbag for a quick glossy fix!
Urban Decay Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Streak (£13.00)* My bestest bought me this, it's a gorgeous peachy nude gloss.
MaxFactor Max Effect Lipgloss in Ivory (£3.99) A clear gloss I pop on for a natural lip or over the top of lipstick.
MAC Lipglass in Culture Clash (Shade Discontinued) A shimmery sheer pink gloss.
Jemma Kidd Hi-Shine Silk Touch Lipgloss (Can't find online) A really silky gloss in a really intense red.

Other Lip Products in my collection

That's my take on Lip make up. Join me next week to talk Tools.
Remember to use the twitter hashtag #theSOproject to read more Lip posts from the 120+ other bloggers taking part in this project.

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*PR Sample / Gifted  Items


Thursday 17 October 2013

Beauty | Aromawakening: Spearmint & Nettle Soap

I was never a huge soap fan, I thought it would dry my skin out and much preferred a creamy body wash, until I fell in love with natural handmade soaps. I love the fact that they're so natural and organic - who knew a little bit of luxury could be so good for you! ;) 

I now use a natural soap every 3 days with my exfoliating gloves as part of my bath time routine. 

And when I got my hands on a sample of Aromawakening's Spearmint & Nettle Soap*, I couldn't wait to give it a go.

Aromawakening say...
'The combination of Spearmint & Lavender oil smell so fresh, sweet, clean & minty. Nettles are a great anti-inflammatory and have many healing properties for the skin. Shea Butter & Babassu Oil give this bar it’s silky feeling. Babassu oil is estimated to be worth five times as much as the coffee crop to the Brazilian economy. Babassu oil has a very silky texture and it is especially good for treating itchy and inflamed skin. Our natural handmade soaps are made using the traditional cold process method of soap making and they are then left to cure for at least 4 weeks. The soaps are Vegan and they are palm free. We have formulated our soap recipes using skin loving butters and oils such as Coconut, Shea, Almond & Olive. They are scented with pure Essential oils and coloured with herbs and spices. Free from SLS, parabens, synthetic colours, fragrance & preservatives.'

The lovely people at Aromawakening, a small business specialising in natural, organic skincare & vegan soap, sent me a lovely parcel of goodies to try out.  
I adore the packaging of this Spearmint & Nettle soap, wrapped up in paper scribed with the details and ingredients, and tied up with string and a cute little label, it gives a homely, 'country' feel. It isn't as 'sweet' and 'yummy' as my usual Lush soaps and at first thought I wasn't sure what I was going to think of it. 
It smells minty and fresh, as expected from the spearmint, the fragrance is quite masculine in my opinion.
It lathers up nicely and feels really nice on my skin whilst washing. It left my skin smelling and feeling fresh and clean. And it didn't dry my skin out at all. This is probably down to the natural skin moisturisers.
I love knowing that the soap includes anti-flammatory, healing ingredients and doesn't contain any nasties - just lovely, natural skin-friendly goodness!

Would I Recommend It?
They're lovely, natural, handmade soaps that are expertly made using natural vegan ingredients including skin loving butters and oils. I think they'd make fab little gifts and look super cute in the bathroom. Cruelty free natural products for beautiful products - who wouldn't want to try? :)

Would I Repurchase It?
I think I prefer the sweeter fragrances of Lush's soap, but that said, this is a lovely little soap & I'm intrigued to try the other fragrances they do. I think I'd definitely purchase some as gifts, they'd look lovely in a Christmas basket!

Aromawakening's soap are also available in 

Cedar & Cocoa Rooibos Tea, Oriental Spice, Patchouli & Cypress and also Adzuki & Oats Herbal Facial Scrub Bar (which I can't wait to try) for £3.95 (110g) at www.aromawakening.com and www.etsy.com/aromawakening 

*PR  sample - sent to me for review

Wednesday 16 October 2013

Fashion | Primark Haul

I needed to pick up some jumpers and boots now Autumn is well and truly upon us, and I really wanted some lounge pyjamas that I could pop on after work for lazing around the house in. But I'm trying to save the pennies at the mo as have SO much on and Christmas looming, so while in town with Bradley this weekend I thought I'd nip into Primark to pick up a few pieces there. I CANNOT shop with Bradley there, it's just impossible. And I had to pick up some wellies and a few other bits for him, so Primark seemed the only option to get everything I needed.

It was crazy busy in there, and had Bradley on my heels moaning the whole time, so I tried to pick up a few bits super quick!!

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Primark's clothes, but I do think they're perfect for a cheeky seasonal purchase, as I don't often wear clothes for longer than a season before getting rid.

So let me share with you a few of the bits I bought, in my amazingly quick trip! ;)

Mickey Mouse Onesie for lounging
Khaki/Leather Jacket
Leather Collar Wine Knit Jumper
Cream Knit Jumper
Suede Ankle Boots
Black Skinnies for work
Lounging Pyjamas
Flat black boots

I'm pretty pleased with my speedy shopping trip, what do you think of my purchases??


Tuesday 15 October 2013

Starting Out - Eyeshadow

Welcome to my eighth post of 'The Starting Off Project' - founded and set up by Stephanie from Steph's Inside Voice.

Catch up on my previous posts:
I'm Part of #theSOproject... Are you?
Starting Off - Skincare
Starting Off - Concealer
Starting Off - Foundation
Starting Off - Bronzer

Starting Off - Blusher
Starting Off - Mascara

Starting Off - Eyeliner

So, we've prepped and primed our skin with our skincare routine, covered our blemishes with our concealer, applied our foundation, bronzed and contoured and popped a little colour onto our cheeks, we started looking at eye make up in the form of mascara and eyeliner...

Now let's talk: Eyeshadow...

Eyeshadow is a type of make up used to enhance the eyes. It can shade, lighten, shape or brighten the eyes. It is usually available in powder, cream or pencil form.


Choosing the right colours, and applying eyeshadows to create different looks can be quite daunting. But done correctly and with good placement of colours, you can create great looks.

Experimenting is key. You may want to consider which colours suit your eye colour best.

Which colours suit your eye colour?
Brown Eyes - neutrals, browns, black, greens, blues, jewel colours, purples, taupe...
Blue Eyes - neutrals, gold, browns, purples, taupe...
Green Eyes - neutrals, pinks, browns, purples, taupe...

Eyeshadow is best applied on a good primed makeup base, with eyeshadow brushes. Sweep a nude or neutral colour over the whole lid up to the brow with a large eyeshadow brush. 
A simple eyeshadow application is done with just 3 shades. Apply a light, highlighting shade to the inner corner of your eyes, and just below the brow. Next choose the medium shade and apply to the crease of the eye, from the centre to the outer corner, then finish with the darkest colour in the outer corner, up towards the crease and slightly underneath the lash line, with a small brush. Then blend.
Google and YouTube eyeshadow looks for different looks and step by step guides for extra practice! ;)

Below are some great diagrams. The first shows where to apply 3 different shades and below is an idea of how to use different shades from a palette, such as the Urban Decay Naked palette...


Here are the Eyeshadows I have in my collection...

I try and clear my Makeup out on a regular basis, as I'm aware of the dangers of using out of date make up and these are the ones I currently own. 
I do use them all for different looks, but my most used is probably my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, I'm a a big fan of neutrals and you can create so many different looks using this palette, that it's my go to on a daily basis.

That's my take on Eyeshadow. Join me next week to talk Lips.
Remember to use the twitter hashtag #theSOproject to read more Eyeliner posts from the 120+ other bloggers taking part in this project.

Feel free to comment with your links to your Mascara posts as part of #theSOproject.

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