Monday, 2 September 2013

My name is Lianne.. And I am addicted to cosmetics.

There, I've said it!

I have a problem. I can't stop buying cosmetics. And I need to stop. I'm spending wayy too much money on beauty goods and I'm meant to be saving, hard. Oops.

This weekend I took Bradley into town to get his haircut. Just a hair cut. But it went a bit like this..

Bradley: 'Mummy, we're not doing anymore shopping are we? Just haircut and lunch?'
Me: 'No, just haircut and lunch.. Although I may pick up some new hair oil, my hair is a bit dry at the mo.. Ooh and let's just pop into Lush..'

And so it begins.
'Popping' into Lush is always a bad idea, especially with Bradley. I went in to pick up some 'Angels On Bare Skin', but Bradley was soon inspecting the bath bombs and shower jellies, and had soon fallen in love with the new FUN bath play dough. To be fair, they're an amazing invention for children. You can wash with them, they create bubbles, and you can mould it into models as it feels just like play dough. Fab! Before I knew it I'd picked up some toner water too, and a charity pot. 
Of course, I couldn't stop walking past MAC without nipping in to pick the new mascara up. Then into Superdrug for some hair oil.. oh and some intensive conditioner. And some more wax for Bradley's hair. And.. No, that was it. I think. ;)

Angels On Bare Skin fresh facial cleanser - £6.35
Charity Pot  hand & body lotion - £1
Breath Of Fresh Air toner water - £3.95
Fun orange bath play dough - £5.00
Dove Treatment Intense Mask - on offer at £1.97 (bargain!!)

So much for 'only a haircut!' 

So, there's only one thing for it. I'm going on a spending ban. NO MORE COSMETICS.. for a while. ;) I'm going to the Clothes Show later this year, so I've set myself a goal not to buy any more beauty goods until then. Keep an eye on my Wish List, me thinks it'll be getting bigger..

Wish me luck!! 

Oh.. and this doesn't include the Liz Earle goodies I have on order. Or the Avon order I've made.. hehe.



  1. I love lush!
    I did a blog post on a range of their products: masks, hair masks, toners etc :)

  2. Ohh this is getting ridiculous - I haven't bought anything from Lush yet, because I know that once I start I won't be able to stop!! But I'm gonna have to cave on this very soon... what would be your #1 from Lush?

    Amy | Bubbles & Blush


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