Saturday, 7 September 2013

My First Time [Tag]

I was tagged by Sara from Sookiespartan in the My First Time tag.. So let's go..

First best friend
My first best friend was a girl called Danielle, we went to nursery school together and our mums were really close, so we spent a lot of time together growing up and went to every school together. Our mums are still best friends and see each other regularly. I don't see Danielle much nowadays, if I bump into her we'll chat and catch up of course. And obv nowadays we have the beauty of social networks so I'm still up to date on what she's getting up to. :)


First Kiss
My first kiss was with a boy called Ross. I was about 14 so that's probably quite late, lol. I'd had a few cheeky kisses before then, but my first full on kiss was then. It was in my friends bedroom and I was soooo nervous. I've seen him around a few times since and he aged pretty well, so it's not too shameful ;)


First Concert
My first ever concert was on November 25th 1996, at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, and it was to see the Backstreet Boys! A date I remember well! ;) I was 12 and I went with my best friend Kym and her big sister Stacey. We were big fans and we were so excited we made a huge banner. Aw such good times. I've only ever missed one tour since then, have been lucky enough to spend some amazing times with them since! ;) 


First Celebrity Crush
I think my first little crush was Mark Owen, way back in the very early days of Take That. I had posters of him on my bedroom wall. :) My first big celeb crush was with Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys - I was slightly obsessed with the boy if I'm honest. As I said, I've been lucky enough to spend a bit of time with him once we were all grown up ;) and although he's still amazingly hot, I quickly got over my crush! ;)

First Job
My first paid job once I left college was a part time job with a local education project (the equivalent to Surestart now) I worked at a summer play scheme and ran a small creche, before getting a full time job a few months later in a day nursery.

First Music I Bought
The first music I bought with my own money, was on record (yes I'm that old!) and was Kylie - What Kind of Fool.

First Phone
My first phone was a massive brick that my parents bought me from QVC. I was 14 I think, so 1998. Nobody even had phones at my school, and I was that embarrassed by it that I never even used it. Then when I was 15 my boyfriend bought me one of those Motorola huge ones with the big ariel. If you'd have told me back then that we'd have touchscreen mini computers as phones in a few years I wouldn't have believed you.. :)

First Tweet
I can't seem to find this info, apps and sites only let you find your first tweet if you have less than 3000 posts. I've been on twitter almost 5 years now, long time! :)

First Make up
Strangely enough I actually remember this. It was a tinted lip balm from Avon, a range called Little Blossom,it was aimed at little girls.. I found this image on Google, wow.. anyone else old enough to remember this?

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  1. I don't think having your first kiss at 14 is late.
    Thats when I had mine lol.

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

  2. oh my i remember this avon collection!

  3. Loved that Avon line. Apparently there is a petition somebody started to ask Avon to bring it back!


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