Sunday 29 September 2013

Clean Hands = Happy Mummy | Dettol with E45 Softness Handwash

If you've read my post Dear Carex... you'll know that it's been a battle to get my 9 year old to wash his hands before now. And if you're a mum, like myself, then you'll know how important it is to know that they're keeping their hands clean - you can only imagine what kinds of things they get their hands into!!

After years of nagging persuading, Bradley is finally, thankfully, keeping on top of his hand washing before meals, after using the bathroom, etc. and therefore knowing that the hand wash we're using as a family is killing germs and looking after our skin, is of super importance to me. 
Plus, I'm always trying to find ways in which to protect my hands from the daily stresses and signs of ageing. Household chores and working with young children for a living definitely take their toll. I try to use a hand cream daily and am always on the lookout for hand washes that won't be too drying on my hands.

So, when I was approached to trial the brand new Dettol with E45 Softness Handwash* I was more than happy to see what it had to offer. 

Spink, on behalf of Dettol with E45 say...
'Your hands are one of the most visible and used parts of your body, therefore keeping them soft, hydrated and germ-free is essential. Luckily, Dettol & E45 are on hand to offer the double benefits of hygiene and skin protection for softer, healthier feeling hands for both you and your family. The child friendly product stems from two leading household brands joining forces to create a dual-action hand care solution that provides the ultimate pampering and protection. By harnessing E45's moisturising expertise and Dettol's trusted germ-kill protection, this dual-action solution offers effective antibacterial care, killing 99.9% of bacteria, whilst protecting the skin's natural moisture levels.' 

When I hear the word 'Dettol' I'm automatically thinking 'clean', 'kills germs', 'hygenic'. So that's got to be a good start. Whilst when I think 'E45' I think 'creamy', 'great skin care', 'soothing', 'good for dry skin'. Both brands are really well known, family friendly brands. So teamed together, I expected this product to be pretty great, and I wasn't wrong. It is creamy, moisturising and knowing that it is effortlessly killing 99.9% of bacteria and removing viruses makes for a perfect duo!
I pretty much always go for creamy hand washes, for their moisturising properties, but this one feels a little different. I can't put my finger on it to describe it - almost creamier than most, and leaves a soft, silky finish after use. I also shared a few bottles with my friends and family and got nothing but positive comments...

"Smells lovely, has a silky finish on my hands after use.."
"Would repurchase, better smell and feel than usual brand..."
"Smells nice and keeps your hands soft.."
"I like the fact that it's Dettol so I feel cleaner after using it.."
"Really lovely and smells great.."
"My daughter has eczema and she loves it, it feels nice on her hands and doesn't dry out her skin, I'd definitely buy it for her ensuite.."
"Feels softer and smoother than usual hand wash.."

Would I recommend it?
Yes, particularly if you or your family suffer from dry skin or your usual hand wash dries out your skin. And for all mummies out there, that have to wash their hands at every given moment, and those with young children for that extra piece of mind that their little hands are extra clean (& soft!)

Would I repurchase it?
After those comments, who wouldn't?! ;)

Dettol with E45 Softness Hand Wash is available in stores nationwide including Boots & major supermarkets, at £2.49, in lotus flower, honey and camomile.


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