Saturday, 31 August 2013

NOTW - Essie in Sand Tropez

I'd wanted to get my hands on this polish for a while, it's been sat on my wish list until I passed the Essie stand the other day, as you may've read in my August Wishlist Purchase post.

I'm a sucker for nudes... Shall I rephrase that?! ha. I have quite a few nudes and beiges in my collection, so when I spotted that Essie had this little beauty in their collection, I knew I wanted to get my hands onto it.

Essie say...
'The seductive power of soft sandy beige nail polish is not to be underestimated. Trend setting, neutral pastel is the most alluring manicure on the riviera - or anywhere else.'

What they said! This sandy beige polish is from Essie's Spring 2011 collection. As soon as I'd spotted it I knew I wanted to try it as I'm a big fan of nudes and beiges, they're so easy to wear, go with absolutely everything and suit my skin tone nicely. 
I've mentioned before that Essie polishes have wide brushes, which make me happy. Application is super easy, although the formula is quite thin, and due to the light colour, it may need 3 coats for an opaque smooth finish. I only applied 2, but soon realised I may've needed another. You may see in the images that my nails look like they would've benefited from another coat.
I do love the colour of this polish, and it'll be a polish I use a lot.
By the end of the week the majority of nails had chipped, but not too much that it was noticeable to anyone other than myself. One of my nails chipped this week too, boooo. I have ordered a new nail strengthener though so I'll let you know how I find it once it arrives.

Would I recommend it?
Yes if you're a fan of natural colours, or if you're after a polish that will go with absolutely everything. 

Would I repurchase?
This is my second Essie polish, and I'll definitely be purchasing more in the future, they have a massive range of fab colours and Essie is slowly becoming a favourite brand of polish for me.

Essie Sand Tropez is available at Boots, at £7.99.

Have you used this shade before? What have you been wearing on your nails this week??



  1. This is a lovely colour, not too brown which some nudes can be! xx

  2. Check out O.P.I.'s San Tan-Tonio. A bit darker, but also a fun nude!

  3. A bit annoying that it needs up to three coats, but the colour is just so gorgeous.. I absolutely love nude shades! x


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