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Lush: Godmother Soap

I'm a huge Lush fan. Bradley & I love going in and exploring the products. Bradley usually ends up chatting to the assistants, trying out lots of new things and dissolving bath bombs in bowls of water.. :) It can get quite expensive in there though, so I try to only buy a couple of products at a time or I can easily get carried away!

I always like to have a Lush soap on the go, I use them with my exfoliating gloves every 3 days (I have a very strict routine ;) ). They lather up lovely and smell amazing!

#SweetyFaves - Sweet Soap Of Mine - Godmother/Rockstar
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I like to choose a different one each time. My last soap purchase was the cute little 'Sweet Soap of Mine' package, which included 100g of Godmother and Rockstar soaps. I'd used Rockstar before, and loved it. I'm a big sweet lover, so I snapped these beauties up to sit pretty in my bathroom.

Today I am reviewing the Godmother soap, as I used my last piece today. Unfortunately I don't have any of my own photos, as I'd purchased the soap a while before starting my blog. So all credit goes to the official Lush Cosmetics site for the images.

#WannaBeARockstar - Lush Rockstar Soap
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Lush Cosmetics Say..
'The Godmother Soap. For hands that do more than just wishes. Godmother is much kinder on your skin than liquid soap, which is full of preservatives and antibacterial chemicals. Stop using those nasty pump soaps please and switch to this. Keep a bar by your kitchen sink and reach for it whenever you need to wash your hands. Use it all around the house, perfect for washing after any household chores.'

Well, that was the first I'd heard about it being made just for hands. I'd been using it all over :) That explains why it is so drying. But that said, I find most Lush soaps pretty drying on the skin, but I only use it every 3 days and smother myself in body butter/moisturiser afterwards anyway, so it doesn't leave my skin dry at all. Apparently this soap was created to be kept at the kitchen sink so as to stop people using strong washing up liquid on their hands. This doesn't mean you can't use it as an all over soap, I'm pretty sure many do, just make sure you moisturise well afterwards.
I'm pretty much sold on the smell of the Lush soaps, particularly this one. My bathroom smells amaze after I've been using it. Godmother is a 'sweet vanilla' fragrance - the exact fragrance as their seasonal 'Snow Fairy' shower gel, if you've tried that before. It reminds me of an olde sweet shoppe smell. It is dark pink/burgundy in colour, so it looks very girly and funky in your bathroom. If I use an unfragranced moisturiser afterwards, I can still smell Godmother on my skin for hours afterwards. 
To be honest, I never used to use soaps on my skin. I always like to use a creamy body wash, as they're more moisturising on my skin. But I picked up a small chunk of their Rockstar soap during a lil Lush shopping spree and since then I always like to have one in my bathroom and as I mentioned before, I like to use it with my exfoliating gloves. 
Lush soaps don't seem to crack, break or dry out, they lather up really well, clean your skin and help you smell girly and fresh. And that pretty much makes for a fab soap, right?
Lush as a company are a favourite of mine. All handmade products, using fresh, natural ingredients and safe synthetics, I always feel confident I'm using decent stuff on my skin, which is pretty important! The only problem I have with this and most Lush products, and you'll totally understand this if you're a Lush fan yourself, is the mess they make in the bath afterwards. They don't seem to dissolve particularly well and leave a lot of residue in your bath. But it doesn't take much to clean and the fact that you smell like a pear drop pretty much makes up for it.. ;)

Would I recommend it?
Yes definitely if you're a sweety fan. If sweets aren't your thing or you don't like your products to smell too sweet or sickly, then you may not be a fan. Bradley likes using it too, I love how sweet he smells afterwards too. :)

Would I repurchase? 
Yep, but I'm aiming to work my way through them all first. ;)

I picked up some Honey I Washed The Kids yesterday during my lil shopping haul. I know this one is pretty popular but I've yet to try it myself, so I'm looking forward to using that.

Godmother soap is available to purchase in Lush stores and online at £2.95 for 100g. 

Are you a Godmother fan? What is your favourite Lush soap?

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