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Film: Monsters University

It was Sunday, we had no plans, and the sunshine had decided not to come out to play. Boooo. It seemed the heatwave had finished, or at least was having a little break. (We'll hope for the latter..) 
It was the last day before James had to go back to work so I wanted us to do something together, that we'd all enjoy. I decided that we'd go see Monsters University in 3D. 

We all enjoy going to the cinema, and we love a good family film. So we grabbed our 3D glasses and headed for our local cinema.

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Disney Pixar's Monsters University is the prequel to the 2001 movie Monsters Inc, going back to when Mike and Sulley first met, in their college days. 
The movie begins with Mike back at school on a class trip to the company for 'scaring children'; Monsters Inc, all his friends joke that he'll never make a 'scarer', and he vows to prove them all wrong. The story line is based on how Mike tirelessly tries to prove himself during his time on the 'Scare programme' at Monsters University. It shows how he first meets Sulley, how they don't get on but end up working together in a story of chasing dreams, blossoming friendships, working together as a team, hard work and perseverance. All great morals in a family movie! It ends with reference to the Monsters Inc film, showing how their story led to them working at the Monsters

Disney Pixar Say...
'Mike Wazowski and James P.Sullivan are an inseparable pair, but that wasn't always the case. From the moment these two mismatched monsters met they couldn't stand each other. Monsters University unlocks the door to how Mike and Sulley overcame their differences and became the best of friends.'

I personally really enjoyed it. As far as animated family movies go, it had all the comedy aspects, the positive morals, lots of laughs as well as a few emotional moments. It wasn't the best I've seen from Disney Pixar, and I'm not sure it was better than the first, but overall I think it's a really great film. At about 2 hours long, I do think some under 5's may start to get a little bored in areas. But any age above that will really enjoy the story line. I always worry that, and it has happened in a fair few films I've seen, all the funny parts have already been seen during the trailers, and once you've seen them a few times, they aren't as funny once you watch the real thing. But this wasn't the case during this film. There were many parts that had me laughing, and even the part from the trailers that we've been finding amusing since the day we saw it, with the snail saying he 'Cant be late..' and 'rushing' to class, was still as hilarious in the film as it was during the adverts we'd seen.

My 9 year old, Bradley commented, 'I really enjoyed the film, I really liked seeing them when they were at University..'
My partner, James commented, 'I feel like I want to watch Monsters Inc now..' 

Would I recommend it?
Yes definately for a fun packed family movie, if you have young children. You'll all love it!

Monsters University is available to see in 2D or 3D at your local cinema right now.
If you have a chance, have a nose at the Monsters University website! :)

Have you seen Monsters University yet? What did you think?

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  1. I saw this film last week and really love it, I was expecting it to be okay, nothing special, but I actually found myself really enjoying it.

    - Rhi x


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