Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Avon : Nail Art Design Strips

My friend is an Avon representative, so I'm always picking a few bits out of the catalogue. I loved the look of their new nail wraps, but was a bit dubious as I've had a few disasters with wraps in the past. But I chose one from the many patterns available and gave it a go..


They are available in 10 different designs, some cute, some classy, some bright, all bang on trend. I ummed and arred between a couple before settling on this one, 'Bows For You' - black with diamante style patterns. 


Avon Say...
'Choose the best fitting nail strip and remove from sheet. Press strip on nail, smooth out and gently pull strip over nail tip. File away any excess nail strip and shape to your nail.'

I love doing my own nails and experimenting with different colours, so these new wraps really appealed to me. With 18 different sized strips, it was easy to find one to fit each nail. Compared to brands I've used in the past, these were pretty easy to apply, just the right amount of stretch, no tearing and filed away nice and easy at the tips. Overall, I was quite happy with the finish. Some looked a little messy, there were a few tiny creases but that was only down to my application, it can get quite tricky to apply the wraps using my left hand, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it after a few more goes! :) 
I'd applied them on Saturday afternoon before a night out, and they lasted well until Monday, when they started to tear a little and got a bit messy, so I peeled them off. They peeled off nice and easy and didn't leave any mess on my nails afterwards. I'd say they were perfect for an occasion, a night out or day out as they only last a day or 2. There are quite a few wraps left over, so I've kept them to use as feature nails in the future :) 


Would I recommend it?
Yes, they're a quick easy way to spruce your nails up for a special occasion. There are loads of designs to choose from so I think you'll definitely find something to match your outfit, or personality :) I'd recommend getting someone to help you apply them, especially if you haven't used nail wraps before. But with a little practice they're pretty easy to use. 

Would I re-purchase?
Yes, I love the different designs, there are a few more I want to try! I'll pick another up when they're on offer.


Avon's Nail Art Design Strips are available to purchase from your local Avon Representative or online at £8. Currently on offer at £4. 

Have you tried their new nail wraps? What did you think?

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